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Sosa :33,685,683
 María de Germania /de Hohenstaufen/

  • Born between 3 April 1201 and 1204 - It., Toscana, Arezzo
  • Baptized 3 April 1201 - Constantinopla, Bizancio (Istambul), Imperio Romano del este.
  • Deceased 29 March 1235
  • Buried in April 1235 - Cîteaux, Abbaye de Cîteaux, Côtes d'Or, Pays de la Loire, Francia
  • Duquesa de Constantinopla, Princesa de Alemania, Duquesa de Brabante


 Spouses and children



Individual Note

G/Hes 23x, M 24x, McL 22x, G 22x, W 22x3 & 23x, W/J 20, W/Ai 21x2, 22x, 23x and L-McC 24x2, 25x, 26x Great-Grandmother


Actually, there is more, but it has gotten too long and complex to list it all.


Maria of Hohenstaufen (3 April 1201 – 29 March 1235) was a member of the powerful Hohenstaufen dynasty of German kings which lasted from 1138 to 1254. She is also known to history as Marie of Swabia.

She was the third daughter of Philip of Swabia and Irene Angelina of Byzantium, and her husband was Henry II, Duke of Brabant andLothier. As she had died six months before her husband succeeded to the dukedom, Maria was never Duchess of Brabant and Lothier.






Philip of Swabia and Irene Angelinaof Byzantium, the parents of Maria of Hohenstaufen



Maria of Hohenstaufenwas born in Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy on 3 April 1201. Her paternal grandparents were Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor and Beatrice I, Countess of Burgundy, and her mother's parents were Byzantine Emperor Isaac II Angelos and his first wife Herina.[1]

EmperorFrederick II was her first cousin.

In 1208, at the age of seven, Maria was left an orphan by the unexpected deaths of her parents. On 21 June, her father was murdered byOtto of Wittelsbach, and two months later her mother died after giving birth to a daughter, who did not live beyond early infancy. Maria had three surviving sisters.







Marriage and issue[edit]

Sometime before 22 August 1215, she married as his first wife Henry, heir to the Duchy of Brabant (present-day Belgium) and Lothier. They had six children, and through them, Maria is the ancestress of every royal house in Europe:





  • Margaret of Brabant (died 14 March 1277), Abbess of Herzogenthal.



  • Philip of Brabant, died young.




Maria of Hohenstaufen died on 29 March 1235 in Leuven, Brabant, five days before her thirty-fourth birthday. Less than six months later, her husband succeeded his father as Duke of Brabant andLothier.

In 1241, Henry married his second wife, Sophie of Thuringia, the daughter of Ludwig IV of Thuringia and Elisabeth of Hungary. The marriage produced two children: Henry I, Landgrave of Hesse and Elizabeth of Brabant, who married Albert I, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg. Sophie was the only wife of Henry to be styled Duchess of Brabant and Lothier.


- Deborah Carol "Debbie" Gambrell - Genealogy of Debbie Gambrell Lapeyrouse (Smart Match)
- Árbol Familiar FamilySearch - - 3 OCT 2020 - Maria van Brabant (nacida von Hohenstauffen von Schwaben)
Nombres de nacimiento: Maria Duchess of BrabantMarie of Swabia, Lady of HohenstauffenMarie von SwabiaMaria von SchwabenHerzogin von Brabant und Niederlothringen Maria von HohenstaufenMaria Philip Frederik van Hohenstaufen, SchwabenMaria von StaufenMaria van ZwabenMarie de Swabie, Duchesse de BrabantMarie of Swabia, Duchess of BrabantMaria of HohenstaufenMarie de HohenstaufenMaria of Swabia, von HohenstaufenMarie de Swabie (Souabe ?), Duchesse de BrabantMarie d'HohenstaufenMaria van DuitslandMaria of Hohenstauffen, Princess of Germany, Duchess of ConstaninopleMaria Duchess of Brabant, Princess of GermanyMaria von Hohenstaufen Herzogin von Brabant und NiederlothringenMarie d'Alsace, Princess of Germany, Duchess of BrabantMaria von Hohenstaufen, von SchwabenMaria Duchess of Brabant, Princess of the Holy Roman EmpireMarie of Hohenstauffen, of SwabiaMarie d'Alsace, Princess of Deutschland, Duchess of Brabantde BrabantMaria (Marie, Mary) of SwabiaPrincess Maria of Deutschland Duchess of BrabantMaria of Hohenstauffen, Princess of Deutschland, Duchess of ConstaninopleMaria (Marie) von HohenstauffenMarie of Swabia, Princess of DeutschlandMaria Princess of Deutschland Duchess of BrabantMaria Von Hohenstaufen Princess of Deutschland
Nombre (apellido) de casada: van Brabant
Género: Femenino
Nacimiento: 3 de Abr de 1196 - Arezzo, Toscana, Italia (Heiliges Römische Reich)
Bautismo: 3 de Abr de 1201 - Constantinopel, Byzanthium (Istambul), Eastern Roman Empire
Matrimonio: 22 de Ago de 1215 - Brabant-sur-Meuse, Meuse, Basse-Lorraine (Lower Lorraine, Neder-Lotharingen), France
Fallecimiento: 29 de Mar de 1235 - Louvain, Vlaams-Brabant, Vlaanderen, België
Funeral: Abr 1235 - Cîteaux, Abbaye de Cîteaux, Côtes d'Or, Pays de la Loire, France
Ocupación: Duchess of Constaninople
Ocupación: Princess of Germany
Ocupación: Duchess of Brabant
Padres: Philipp von Schwaben König des Hl. Römischen Reiches, Eirene Angelina
Esposo: Hertog Hendrik II van Brabant
Hijos: Mathilde de Brabant, Beatrijs Hendrik van Brabant, Marie (nacida de Brabant), Philip Hendrik van Brabant, Margaret of Brabant, Abbess of Herzogenthal, Hertog Hendrik III van Brabant
Hermanos: Beatrix Kaiserin des Hl Römischen Reiches (nacida von Schwaben), Kunigunde von Schwaben, Elisabeth (nacida von Schwaben), Federico, Reinaldo
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sosa Federico Barbarossa de Hohenstaufen, Emperador del Sacro Imperio Romano-Germano 1122-1190
 a picture
sosa Beatríz de Borgoña, Emperatríz del Sacro Imperio Romano 1145-1184
 sosa Isaac de Bizáncio Angelos Ducaina, Emperador de Bizancio 1155-1204 sosa Irene Komnena ca 1166-1189

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sosa Felipe de Hohenstaufen, Rey de los Romanos Duque de Suabia 1179-1208
 sosa Irene de Bizancio y Hungría de Angelo Montferrato, Princesa de Bizancio 1181-1208

sosa María de Suabia de Hohenstaufen y Ángelo 1201..1204-1235