• sosa Hervier, daughter of gabriel and marie Leverdan, married to pierre gallaud in 1752.
  • sosa MERLAUD 1739-/1798, child of françois and marie BIDAUD, married to jean JOS ZAU.
  • sosa NOEL dite Bonjean ca 1710-ca 1761, daughter of jean NOEL, married to silvain TESTE in 1735.
  • sosa baillargeat, married to mathieu dupuisdupin.
  • laurele, married to jacques rouziere.
  • laurelle, married to jacques rouzie in 1668.
  • sosa piperaud 1683-1752, daughter of leonard and marie guillard, married to silvain chantemargue.
  • roques, married to françois mauran in 1822.
  • rossignol 1764-1815, daughter of louis and marie anne hugues, married to guillaume caucanas in 1783.