• Born 24 September 1834 - Ørslev, Præstø, Denmark
  • Baptized 26 October 1834 - Ørslev, Præstø, Denmark
  • Deceased 20 September 1890 - Cardston, Alberta, Canada,aged 55 years old
  • Buried in September 1890 - Cardston, Alberta, Canada


 Spouses and children





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sealed to father - and to

sealed to father - and to



Additional spouse indicated but not lis

Additional spouse indicated but not listed

Alternate name:

Hans Johanas Petersen

Alternate name:

Hans John Petersen

Alternate name:

Hans Pedersen

Alternate name:

Hans P Petersen


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 Family Tree Preview

Peder Iversen ca 1756- Kirsten Pedersen ca 1771- Hans Pedersen 1755-1823 Karen Larsen 1757-1840

Peder Pedersen 1794-1846 Maren Hansdatter 1798-1862

Hans Johannes Petersen 1834-1890