• Born 8 February 1861 - Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Baptized 16 August 1861 - Sankt Pauls Kirke, Kobenhavn, Kobenhavn, Denmark
  • Deceased 21 December 1935 - Smithfield, Cache, Utah, United States,aged 74 years old
  • Buried 24 December 1935 - Smithfield, Cache, Utah, United States
  • Post Master of Mink Creek, Idaho and a Laborer, age 48., church janitor, age 58.


 Spouses and children



On the side of Hans Johannes Petersen 1834-1890



Individual Note



Alternate name:

Peter W Petersen

Alternate name:

Peter Morten Waldemar Petersen (x-Latn)


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Family Note

The first 2 children listed for this couple were actually the children of Peter's first marriage to Anne Marie Mortensen. She died in 1862 in Copenhagen, Denmark as they were waiting to immigrate to Utah. He began the trip with his children, but his daughter died as a 2 year old coming to Utah He then married Christina J. Jensen in 1886 in Utah.and Peter W. was raised with the family of children they then had.


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 Family Tree Preview

Peder Pedersen 1794-1846 Maren Hansdatter 1798-1862 Morten Rasmusen 1790- Anne Sophie Andersdr 1800-

Hans Johannes Petersen 1834-1890 Ane Marie Mortensen 1839-1862

Peter Waldemar Petersen 1861-1935