Marie Louise

  • sosa BELIARD, daughter of Claude and Jeanne JOLY, married to Philibert CORDENOD in 1706.
  • BERANGER 1899-, married to Philibert Clément CORDENOD in 1920.
  • sosa CARLES 1785-1835, daughter of Jean and Marie ANGLIVIEL, married to Jean BERTHEZENE in 1808.
  • CORDENOD 1870-, daughter of Philbert and Benoite POMMEREL, married to Laurent CATHERIN in 1893.
  • sosa PETITGONET 1706-, daughter of Benoit and Marie CHOQUIER, married to Jacques JULLIN in 1725.
  • sosa STAHLE 1847-, daughter of Louis Frédéric and Françoise Eugénie PAYEN, married to Auguste Frédéric WERNER in 1865.