• A
    • André, married to Samuel Chaigneau
  • B
    • Badeau ca 1638-1706, daughter of Jacques and Anne-Jeanne Ardouin, married to Pierre Parent
    • Bailleul, married to Jean Barette
    • Barette 1668-1745, daughter of Jean and Jeanne Bitouset, married to Martin Poulin
    • Bélanger 1705-1775, daughter of Paul and Jeanne Maheu, married to Noël Vachon\Pomerleau
    • Bellejambe, married to Edmé-Étienne Jacob
    • Bernard ca 1643-, daughter of Charles and Andrée Guyon, married to Guyon-Dion-Denis Chiasson\Lavallée
    • Bigaud, married to Louis Énard
    • Bitouset ca 1636-1707, daughter of Antoine and Nicole Duport, married to Louis Guimond
    • Boucher ca 1607-ca 1670, daughter of Inconnu , married to Thomas Ayotte\Hayot
    • Boucherot, married to Thomas Sevestre
    • Boudrot ca 1645-1710, daughter of Michel and Michelle Aucoin, married to Bonaventure-Venture Thériault
    • Bourdon, married to Michel Souliard
    • Brechet, married to Jean Rainville
    • Briqueville, daughter of Nicolas and Jeanne Juvigny, married to Vigor Clinchamp
    • Brisson, married to Marin Mercier
  • C
    • Canny, daughter of Aubert and Marie d'Enghien, married to Jean Barbançon
    • Caudecoste, married to Olivier Clinchamp
    • Chevalier, married to André Pepin
    • Cloutier ca 1668-1744, daughter of Charles and Louise Morin, married to Claude Gravel
    • Cloutier 1715-1764, daughter of Zacharie and Jeanne-d'Arc Bacon, married to Pierre Lessard
    • Constantin 1664-1744, daughter of Guillaume Constantin\Vallée and Jeanne Masse, married to Guillaume Jourdain
  • D
    • Delaunay, married to François Guimond
    • Despins, married to Macia Nadeau
    • Drouin 1647-1732, daughter of Robert and Anne Cloutier, married to Pierre Maheu\Hazard
    • DuChasteler, daughter of Sarazin , married to Gérard Barbançon
    • Dumont, married to Jean Pépin
  • E
    • Énard ca 1639-1713, daughter of Louis and Jeanne Bigaud, married to Claude Philippau
    • Enghien (d'), married to Jacques Werchin
  • F
    • Fayande, married to Léonard Leblanc
    • Fressel ca 1653-1738, daughter of André Fresset and Marie Avisse, married to Étienne Jacob
  • G
    • Gaillard, married to Loup Mercier
    • Gardony, married to Barthélemy Voisy\Vousy
    • Guay, married to Mathieu Maraud
    • Guerineau †ca 1572, married to Simon Pajot
    • Guiet 1632-, daughter of Pierre and Gabrielle Roquier, married to Jean Gobeil
    • Guillot 1720-1794, daughter of Vincent and Charlotte Godin, married to Jean-Baptiste Dubeau
  • J
    • Jahan ca 1606-1682, married to François Goudeau
    • Josse, married to Jean Pouliot
    • Jourdain 1739-1818, daughter of Joseph and Thérèse Boucher, married to Jacques Lafontaine\Pénin\Bouin
    • Juvigny, married to Nicolas Briqueville
  • L
    • L'Escalier, daughter of Baltazar l'Escalier, married to Louis Sevestre
    • Labbé 1640-1715, daughter of Charles and Françoise Bertrand, married to Jean Hélie\Breton
    • Lacherer, married to Antoine Destroismaisons
    • Langlois 1643-ca 1687, daughter of Noël and Françoise Grenier\Garnier, married to René Chevalier
    • Languille ca 1643-1711, daughter of Michel and Étiennette Toucheraine, married to François Allard
    • Legrand 1595-, daughter of Noël and Suzanne Loyseau, married to Antoine Crêese
    • Legrand, married to André Lespinay
    • Lelièvre 1634-1728, daughter of Guillaume and Judith Riquier, married to Nicolas Roy\Leroy
    • Lerouge\St-Denis ca 1626-1696, daughter of Pierre Lerouge and Marguerite Joly, married to Louis Carreau\Lafraîcheur
  • M
    • Maheu 1681-1754, daughter of Pierre Maheu\Hazard and Jeanne Drouin, married to Joseph Garnier\Grenier
    • Maline ca 1625-1689, married to Michel Roulois
    • Manie 1586-, married to Jean Hélie
    • Masse 1649-1725/, daughter of Pierre and Marie Pinet\Pinel\LaChaunaye, married to Guillaume Constantin\Vallée
    • Masse, daughter of Jacques Massé and Françoise Olivier, married to Charles Pénin
    • Mercier ca 1622-1687, daughter of Loup and Jeanne Gaillard, married to Claude-Basile-Joseph Poulin
    • Meulan, married to Guillaume Briqueville
    • Mey\Mailly\Aimée ca 1663-1731, married to Julien Aubois\Hautbois
    • Millet, married to Guillaume Langlois
    • Montchablon, daughter of Gobert and Mahaut deVille, married to Nicolas Barbançon
    • Morand, married to François Savard
    • Moreau, married to Claude Morin
  • N
    • Nepveu, married to Panthaléon Dorange
    • Nyeullé, daughter of Marin Nyeulle and Adrienne Jacquet, married to Pierre Roussin
  • P
    • Pipette, married to Jean Chamard
    • Pouliot 1678-1759, daughter of Charles and Françoise Meunier, married to Joseph Audet\Lapointe
  • R
    • Renaud 1666-1737, daughter of Jacques and Marie Charrier, married to Nicolas Chamard
    • Rotrau, married to Pierre Cronier
    • Roucy, married to Robert Sarrebruche
  • S
    • Sarrebruche, daughter of Robert and Jeanne Roucy, married to Christophe Barbançon
    • Savoie ca 1658-1735, daughter of François and Catherine Lejeune\Briard, married to Étienne Pellerin
    • Savonnet ca 1650-1721, daughter of Jacques and Antoinette Babillette\Parmentier, married to François Miville\LeSuisse
    • Serré, married to René Hyardin
    • Sicard †ca 1675, daughter of Jacques and Marie Bougnet, married to Vincent Guillot
  • T
  • V
    • Vousy ca 1611-1689, daughter of Barthélemy Voisy\Vousy and Jeanne Gardony, married to Nicolas Pelletier
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