• Born 16 June 1662 - Hinton, Eggiwil, Bern, Switzerland
  • Deceased 22 November 1724 - Strasburg Twp., Lancaster Co., PA.,aged 62 years old


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Individual Note

NOTE:At immigration,settled in Pequea area w/ Martin Kendig,

Lancastor Mennonite Historical Society , Repository
2215 Millstream Rd.
Lancastor, Pa. 17602-1499
" The Shanks Family of Pequea" , by J. Arthur Shanks, 205 S. Broadway, Providence, Ky.

" Christian Shank ( Schenck ) and his three sons and three daughters arrived in America in 1717. They were part of the contingent of 363 Swiss- German Mennonites who had assembled around Manheim, Germany, and who had sailed in three small ships from Rotterdam, Holland in June of 1717. The rather large group was under the leadership of Benedict Brackbill, a well-known Mennonite preacher and teacher. In volume 3 of the Pennsylvania Colonial Records, at page 29, there is an account of the three ships masters, Captains Eyers, Tower, and Richards, belatedly reporting the 363 passengers in to the authorities on September 8, 1717. I have corresponded with a Lancastor County, Pennsylvania genealogist, Martin H. Brackbill, who is a direct descendant of Benedict. He states that the three ships arrived together on August 24, 1717.

Although not positively proven, research indicates that Christian Schenck was born near Basel, Switzerland about 1665. As a child he was likely a member of one of the four Schenck families who were Mennonites and who, hounded by the Roman Catholic Church for their religious beliefs, fled into Germany from Switzerland in 1671. As previously stated, the names of the heads of these Schenck families were included in the list of Swiss Mennonites who were living at Osthoven, near Manheim, Germany in 1672. Although nothing positive is known of the wife of Christian Shank, Martin Brackbill, the genealogist, suggests that Benedict Brackbill's sister Barbara, may have been married to our ancestor, Christian. No research has been undertaken by me on the early years of Christian Shank, so the foregoing is pretty speculative. It should be noted on Christian's chart, however, that he named one of his daughters, Barbara, and that the name was carried on down in later generations. This would add some substance to the speculation that Christian's wife was Barbara Brackbill.

There is a deed recorded in Lancastor County, Pennsylvania in Deed Book WW, on pages 300 through 305, which is a vital document in the genealogy of our Shank family and of Christian Shank in particular. This lengthy deed gives the first good, solid proof of the circumstances surrounding our first American ancestor. The document, although not written until January 7, 1758, traces the title to 265 acres of land located in Lancastor County and recites that Christian Shank and Benedict Brackbill , on September 25, 1717, jointly, with a half interest for each, bought the 530 acre tract of land that had been patented to John Funk in 1711. This would add a bit more weight to the possibility that Barbara Brackbill was the wife of Christian, it appearing that some sort of family relationship did exist between the Brackbill and Shank families. The Funk tract was right in the middle of the 6400 acre tract granted to the Mennonites in 1710. The historical marker located at the intersection of Hans Herr Drive and Penn Grant Road further corroborates the location of the property. Maps and surveys of early Lancastor County, prepared by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1933 show the 530 acre tract to be rather long and narrow and extending over three- fourths of a mile in a north and south direction. Located on Pequea Creek ( pronounced PECKWAY), it is on today's map at the west city limits of Strasburg in Strasburg township. Pequea Creek runs through the northern part of Christian's land, as well as through the farm of Christian's son Michael, ".

Einwanderung: Arrived Philadelphia,Ship Molly

Religion: Mennonite

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Family Note

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 Family Tree Preview

Michael Schenck Sr. 1590-1672 Anna Stauffer ca 1602- Hans Stauffer Magdalene Neueschwander

Michael Schenck Jr. 1639-1707/ Anna Stauffer 1643-ca 1707

Christian S. Schenck 1662-1724