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Tous les individus de cet arbre ont un lien plus ou moins éloigné entre eux.

All the individuals in this genealogy are linked together in a way or another.

Al de mensen van deze stamboom zijn door recht of ver wijze verbonden.



  • A
    • Anhalt Zerbst (d') 1454-1516, son of Georges Ier and Anne de Lindau Ruppin, married to Marguerite de Podiebrad Münsterberg in 1494
    • Arenberg (d') 1777-1857, son of Auguste Marie and Marie-Françoise le Danois, married to Sophie d'Auersperg in 1842
  • B
  • C
    • Clercq (de) 1917-, married to Gabriëlle Marie Van Slambrouck in 1943
  • D
    • De Prest 1910-1960, son of Edmont and Irma Grammens, married to Irma Pieters
    • Decoldre 1860-, son of Jan Louis and Stephanie Josepha Vanfleteren, married to Romania Eugenia Jaecques in 1888
  • E
    • Edwards ca 1920-2001, son of Benjamin Howell and Mary Magdeline Sutherland, married to X Nell
    • Edwards, son of Andrew Jackson R. and Elizabeth Deel, married to X Letha, Ruby Deel
    • Elbo ca 1850-, married to Delphine Cap
  • H
    • Hondt (d') 1900-1995, son of Henricus and Elisabeth Bouten, married to Maria Magdalena Provoost
    • Hoste 1882-1932, son of Emilius Joannes Philippus and Leonie Celine Depuydt, married to Marguerite Edmunda Romania Verlende in 1911
    • Howard, married to Nicey Orlena Deel
  • K
    • Kerchove (de) 1811-1878, son of François Henri Ghislain and Rosalie Charlotte Thérèse van Pottelsberghe, married to Eugénie van der Beek in 1850
    • Kohler 1913-1964, son of Charles and Eugénie Griesmar, married to Marie Elise Kohler in 1941
  • L
    • Le Lasseux 1813-1878, son of N.N. and N.N. Juchereau, married to Mathilde Guedon in 1840
    • Lisney 1893-, married to Jeanne Rosa Orban in 1919
  • M
    • Malet ca 1100-, married to Adel de Gloucester
    • Mothy 1795-, son of Pierre Jospeh Hypolite and Marie Rose Glineur, married to Clairmende Darcourt in 1825
    • Mullins, married to Rita Counts
  • O
    • Orban 1866-1909, son of Ernest Paul Casimir and Céline de Rossius d'Humain, married to Sidonie Viot
  • P
  • R
    • Rioland , married to Stéphanie Herrmann in 1935
  • S
    • Saxe Gotha (de) 1655-1715, son of Ernest Ier and Élisabeth Sophie de Saxe Altenbourg, married to Sophie Henriette de Waldeck Eisenberg in 1680
    • Saxe Meissen (de) 1441-1486, son of Frédéric II and Marguerite d'Autriche, married to Élisabeth de Bavière Munich in 1460
    • Schluchter 1920-1991, married to Muse Jessee
    • Sinnaeve 1887-1943, married to Malvina Sercu
    • Solvay 1838-1922, son of Alexandre and Adèle Hulin, married to Adèle Winderickx in 1863
  • T
    • Talleyrand-Périgord (de) 1807-1871, son of Augustin Louis and Caroline Jeanne d'Argy, married to Marie Louise Aglae Suzanne Le Peletier de Mortefontaine in 1830
    • Tourville (de) , married to Lucille de Roucy
  • V
    • Van Slambrouck 1844-1937, son of Louis and Rosalie Van De Plassche, married to Wilhelmina Claessens in 1870
    • Vanden Bussche 1912-1979, son of Louis Pierre Joseph and Alida Marie de Loddere, married to Raymonda Marcella Alfonsina Warnier
  • W
    • White , married to Lily Mitchell