Johann Peter

  • HELLENTHAL 1736-1793, son of Martin and Maria PETERS
  • JUNG 1712, son of Johann Nikolaus and Katarina OCHS
  • MOOTZ 1746, son of Johann Heinrich and Anna Elisabeth WAGNER
  • MOOTZ 1684-1756, son of Theobald and Anna Katharina N.
  • MOSES 1771, son of Adam and Anna Elisabeth PITZEN-BAECKER
  • OCHS-SCHWARTZ 1600, married to Margaretha FLESCH
  • PITZEN-BAECKER 1738, son of Daniel and Anna Maria N.
  • WARTH 1776-1849, son of Johann Georg Otto and Maria Margaretha KUHN, married to Anna Barbara STEMPEL in 1799, Catherine Louise SCHMIDT in 1818, Anna Elisabeth BALLY in 1822