Jeanne Renee

  • ESVAN 1776-1846, daughter of Louis and Anne KERGOURIO, married to Guillaume THOMAS in 1802.
  • LE BERO 1802-1856, married to Pierre Jean LE FICHANT in 1826.
  • LE COSTAOUEC 1807-1861, married to Jacques Francois MAURICE in 1845.
  • LE GOUHIR 1811-1871, daughter of Jean Michel and Marie Helenne FICHOUX, married to Jean Joseph LE CORRE in 1839.
  • LE POGAM 1785-, daughter of Yves and Renee LE MOIGN, married to Yves Mathurin LIMANTOUR in 1810.
  • LE ROMANCER 1702-1772, daughter of Jean and Catherinne LE GOUZ, married to Jean LE MENTEC in 1720.
  • MALCOSTE 1751-, daughter of Jacques and Anne GALLOU.
  • PERONO 1776-, married to Guillaume LE FLOCH in 1804.