• Born 26 April 1893 - 30 Victoria St, Dundee
  • Deceased 10 October 1928 - Wilton, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA,aged 35 years old
  • Buried 18 October 1928 - Hillside Cemetery, Wilton, Fairfield, Connecticut
  • Draper's Saleswoman


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Individual Note

Phy_description: Fresh complexsion, brown hair, brown eyes [1923]
Source: Passenger lists - New York

Address: [1920]16 Barnett Place,Yoker, Glasgow
Born at noon Margaret was PAROLED to USA along with at least 28 others on the Levianthan. Maggie went to America as a Parollee on the 28 Oct 1923. They left Southampton on the 28 October 1923 arriving New york, Long Island on 3 November 1923. There were 28 people on the page of passengers on the Leviathan bound for New York and all of them were on parole. One had ``admitted´´ next to her name so I don´t understand exactly what was happening yet. There was also a number - 679202 - 12/18/30. The others all had what looked like different dates which may have been when they would be free. Maggie´s (12/18/30) may be the American way of writing 18/12/1930. All dates were for a number of years. The plot thickens. However, it also says that she paid for the journey herself and had the requisit amount of dollars but she did not have a ticket to her final distination. She was visiting a cousin, Robert Dundas, Great Neck, Long Island, New York, indefinitely. He was really her sister-in-laws relative. Perhaps parolled means someone has sponsored her. We have heard that she was shot or murdered by her boyfriend when she finished the relationship and that he then committed suicide. This has yet to be verified. Her headstone in Moffat Cemetery, Wilton, Fairfield, Connecticut reads "faithful Nurse to the little Martins".

With the help of John Moffat, my brother, I now know that Parole means an entry into America for people who cannot get visas for some reason but have a good reason for wanting to be in USA. Each case is judged on merit by the USA and if it is ADMITTED this means that some individuals may leave USA for another country for a period of time and then be re-admitted to USA on the same Parole order. There was only one passenger with Margaret who was "Admitted". The number of years entered on the passenger list was obviously how long each individual could stay in America. Quite a lot of the criteria for entering America as a Parolee was relaxed in the years following WW1 but this does not explain why Margaret could not get a visa when her brother Robert and sister Bella had no problem.

In 1920 she was living in Yoker Glasgow although she gave birth to her illegitimate daugter at 9 Duke Street, Arbroath. This daughter was adopted by the Gordon family in Glasgo.


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Robert Moffat 1813-1860 Margaret Coull 1817-1905 John Millar 1814- Helen Ramsay ca 1827-1899

John Moffat 1859-1929 Isabella Millar 1860-1926

Margaret Coull Moffat 1893-1928