• Born 29 April 1885 - 8 North B---- Street, Dundee
  • Deceased
  • Asst Egg Salesman. Worker







Individual Note

Address: [1932]334 Morley Avenue, Winnipeg
Source: Passenger lists - New York

Address: [Oct 1913]1215 Rhode Island St, San Fransisco, California
Source: Passenger lists - New York

Address: [1913]104 Lochee Road, Dundee
Source: Passenger lists - New York

Phy_description: Fresh complection, fair hair, grey eyes [1913]
Source: Passenger lists - New York

Born at 9 pm

Robert married Jean in the United Free Church, Dundee and had John Allen and L Dundas as their witnesses. We have evidence of Margarets passage to America of a Robert Dundas as being a cousin.

Robert sailed from Glasgow to NYork on the SS. Caledonia on 18 October 1913. Whether he worked his passage as a Furnace Charger or paid we do not know. He was initially going to his cousin, David Moffat, 1215 Rhode Island St, San Fransisco, California. He left his wife behind at 104 Lochee Road, Wishaw, I think because she was mentioned as next of kin.

The story goes that he worked in a bar over there and was either involved or witnessed a gun fight. He returned to Glasgow for a short time either on the reward money or to let the dust settle. There is an entry on the incoming passenger lists for a Robert and Jean Moffat. Departure from Canada arriving in Greenock on 15 Sept 1932. It was the Canadian Pacific Line and the ship was the Duchess of York. Their address in Glasgow was given as 138 Moncur St, Glasgow S.E. Robert was listed as a painter.


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Robert Moffat 1813-1860 Margaret Coull 1817-1905 John Millar 1814- Helen Ramsay ca 1827-1899

John Moffat 1859-1929 Isabella Millar 1860-1926

Robert Moffat 1885-