Sosa :746
  • Born in 1635 - Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma
  • Deceased December 31, 1682 - Middleboro, MA,aged 47 years old


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Individual Note

<p>Family History: 217 Genealogy Books</p><p><p>FRANCIS, Middleborough 1676, perhaps s. of John, had w. Mary.</p></p><p><p>LINKED FAMILY TREE</p></p><p><p>PLYMOUTH & CAPE COD MA GENEALOGY</p></p><p><p>By Harry C. Hadaway, Jr.</p></p><p><p>Bow, NH</p></p><p><p>hhadaway@ a</p></p><p><p>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Husband: Francis Coombs</p><p><p>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Born: ABT. 1635 at: Plymouth, Plymouth co., MA 1</p><p><p>Married: BET. 1667 - 1668 at: 2</p></p><p><p>Died: 31 DEC 1682 at: Middleboro, Plymouth co., MA 3</p></p><p><p>Father:John Coombs</p></p><p><p>Mother:Sarah Priest</p></p><p><p>Other Spouses: Deborah Morton</p></p><p><p>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wife: Mary Barker</p><p><p>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Born: 1647 at: Scituate, Plymouth co., MA 1</p><p><p>Died: AFT. 15 MAY 1711 at: 3</p></p><p><p>Father:John Barker</p></p><p><p>Mother:Anna Williams</p></p><p><p>Other Spouses: Samuel Pratt</p></p><p><p>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------CHILDREN</p><p><p>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Ruth Coombs</p><p><p>Born: 12 MAR 1680/81 at: Scituate, Plymouth co., MA 4</p></p><p><p>Married: 26 AUG 1702 at: Middleboro, Plymouth co., MA</p></p><p><p>Died: 11 MAR 1716/17 at: Middleboro, Plymouth co., MA</p></p><p><p>Spouses: Ebenezer Bennett</p></p><p><p>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Lydia Coombs</p><p><p>Born: 8 MAY 1679 at: Middleboro, Plymouth co., MA 4</p></p><p><p>Married: at:</p></p><p><p>Died: 6 MAR 1734/35 at: Middleboro, Plymouth co., MA 4</p></p><p><p>Spouses:</p></p><p><p>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Francis Coombs</p><p><p>Born: 6 JAN 1681/82 at: Middleboro, Plymouth Co., MA 5</p></p><p><p>Married: 1712 at: 5</p></p><p><p>Died: at:</p></p><p><p>Spouses: Nathan Howland</p></p><p><p>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------SOURCES</p><p><p>1) Mayflower Increasings for Three Generations Mayflower Descendent. Bowan, George E., by Susan E. Roser 1989</p><p><p>2) Mayflower Increasings by Susan Roser</p></p><p><p>3) Mayflower Increasings for Three Generations</p></p><p><p>4) Mayflower Births & Deaths, Volume II, by Susan Roser</p></p><p><p>5) Mayflower Marriages from the files of George Ernest Boman at the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Decendants by Susan E. Roser: 1990</p><p><p>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p><p><p>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p><p><p>Chronology of Early Plymouth Records</p></p><p><p>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p><p><p>1662 Plymouth, MA. Grand Jurymen; Surveyors of Highways. Jacob COOKE; Joseph WARREN, Thos. LETTICE, Francis COMB (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from "Peirce's Colonial Lists " by Ebenezer W. Peirce, 1880. Civil, Military and Professional lists of Plymouth and Rhode Island Colonies comprising Colonial, County and Town Officers, Clergymen, Physicians and Lawyers. PLYMOUTH. Incorporated DEC. 11, 1620. Indian names--ACCOMAC, APAUM and PATUXET) </p><p><p>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p><p><p>1666 Francis COMBS (& var. sp.), son of John, received grant of land in his father's right. (Genealogical Dictionary of First Settlers of England, volume 1, James Savage, Boston: Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Company, 1860-62, p. 438 and 453) ("Genealogical Dictionary of First Settlers of England, volume 1, James Savage, Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Company, Boston, 1860-62, p. 438) </p><p><p>Notes: Francis COMBS was apparently the s/o John & Sarah PRIEST Combs. In 1633 the court had enacted a law that the children born at Plymouth, "& next to them such as are heer brought up under their parents and are come to age of discretion" would be granted land before any subsequent newcomers. This promise was kept on 4 June 1661 when the court authorized the "first born children" to purchase two large tracts of land, one next to the Massachusetts bounds, and the other between Namassakett and Bridgewater. On 3 June 1662 the court approved a list of "first born children" to share in the lands to be purchased. Actually, one tract of land at Namassakett had already been purchased from Indians on behalf of the colony by Capt. Thomas SOUTHWORTH on 7 March 1661, and this became known as the Twenty-Six Men's Purchase. Another acquisition, called the Pachade Purchase, of 9 July 1662 by Maj. Josias WINSLOW on behalf of himself and others seems to be the specific tracts referred to on 4 June 1661. However, many names of the first proprietors of both purchases are the same. These and subsequent purchases in the Namassakett area gradually began to be inhabited, and on 1 June 1663 the court ordered that those settlers at Namassakett would be considered as belonging to the town of Plymouth. (Plymouth Colony Records 11:16, 3:215-16, 4:20; Thomas Weston, History of the Town of Middleboro, Massachusetts, Boston & New York, 1906, pp. 584-86, 594-96; PCR 4:41, 5:19-20, 279.) </p><p><p>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p><p><p>1667 Plymouth, MA. Selectmen; Constables; Representatives Lieut. Ephraim MORTON, Nathaniel WARREN, William HARLOW, William CLARKE; Francis COMB; John HOWLAND, Lieut. Ephraim MORTON (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from "Peirce's Colonial Lists " by Ebenezer W. Peirce, 1880. Civil, Military and Professional lists of Plymouth and Rhode Island Colonies comprising Colonial, County and Town Officers, Clergymen, Physicians and Lawyers. PLYMOUTH. Incorporated DEC. 11, 1620. Indian names--ACCOMAC, APAUM and PATUXET) </p><p><p>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p><p><p>14 Dec 1668. William WILSON of Southwark, Surrey, gent., age 50, and John COX of London, citizen and merchant tailor, age 30, depose at the request of Robert MORRES of London, citizen and skinner that Ezechiel FOGG of London, citizen and skinner, and John GIFFORD of Boston, New England, merchant, by deed 11 September 1667 became bound to Robert MORRIS in respect of goods exported to New England. 25 October 1676. Richard STONEHILL of London, notary public, age 28, deposes at the request of John WRIGHT, Esq., of Wrightsbridge, Essex, that John GIFFORD of New England, merchant, signed a deed 4 June 1673 to the use of the requestant. The deed bound the parties to observe the conditions of an agreement of the same date, between John GIFFORD, Sir Richard COMBE, John WRIGHT, Francis ALLEN, John GODFREY, John WILLIAMS, John EATON, and Ezechiel FOGG. (Lord Mayor's Court of London, Depositions Relating to Americans, 1641-1736 by Peter Wilson Coldham, 1980, pg 13, 14, 28, 29, 51, 78, & 81) </p><p><p>Notes: Sir Richard COMBE may have been the same who was of Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, EN (s/o Tobias & Mary THEEDE Combs and gs/o Francis & Jane POPE Combs). </p><p><p>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p><p><p>01 June 1669 - 29 May 1670 (Plymouth Court Records 11:16) On 1 Jun 1669, the court granted township status to Namassakett and changed its name to Middleborough, its bounds being set between Plymouth, Taunton, and Bridgewater, and touching unincorporated land on the south. Middleborough had only six freeman residents as of 29 May 1670: John MORTON, Henry WOOD, Jonathan DUNHAM, Francis COOMBE, William NELSON, and Samuel EATON. (History of the Town of Middleboro, Massachusetts, Thomas Weston, Boston & New York, 1906, pp. 584-86, 594-96) </p><p><p>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p><p><p>16 May 1670 Plymouth Deeds 22. Edward GRAY to George BONUM (I:205) Edward GRAY of New Plimouth...yeamon... for all in in Consideration of ten pounds... paid by George BONUM of New parcell of upland meadow...lyeth on Both sides off Jones river...Begining at a white Oak... to an Island which was the Bounds Betwixt ye meadow of Thomas PRENCE a Spruce tree that is the bounds of a parcell of meadow that was Francis COMBES but now the aobes Edward GRAY'S and fifty acres of upland...lying on both sides of the aforsaid meadows. Dated 16 May 1670. s/Constand SOUTHWORTH. Edward O. GRAY. Wm CROW ( his mark ). Akn. by Edward GRAY (no date given). </p><p><p>George BONUM Sen of plimouth coming before me the 15th day of Aprill 1693 did freely give...all his title...contained within the...deed on the other side...unto John TRAVIS Sen of Duxbough. (Excerpted by Combs Researcher Sharon Natolis from Plymouth County Deeds 22, The Mayflower Descendant Volume 37, July 2, 1987. Page 120) </p><p><p>Notes: This appears to have been Francis COMBS who had removed to Middleborough by 1669. </p><p><p>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p><p><p>Feb 1672/3 Plymouth, MA. Samuel WOOD Alias ATWOOD to George MORTAN and Richard WILLIS" (l:81-183) Samuel WOOD alias ATWOOD, Middlebury, planter, sold for five pounds to George MORTON, Plimouth, planter and Richard WILLIS, Plimouth, planter... by virtue of Being he Relict(sic) of my Brother John WOOD alis ATWOOD deceased...All that my share and Portion of Land which is the twelfth part or one part of twelve of a tract of land purchased by Major Josiah WINSLOW ... and Edward GRAY of Plimouth (from ) the Black Sachem of Namascet... and his son... being at Assawamset Pond at ye Easterly side. Dated 13 February 1673. </p><p><p>The F:C: Mark of Francis COMBE </p></p><p><p>The X mark of Samuel WOOD alis ATWOOD </p></p><p><p>Akn. by Samuel WOOD alias ATWOOD 13 Feb 1673. Recorded 1 Feb. 1692/3." (Excerpted by Combs Researcher Sharon Natoli from "The Mayflower Descendant Volume 36, July 2, 1986, Plymouth County Deeds 15, Pagd 165 by Ann Smith Lainhart) </p><p><p>Notes: Probably Francis of Middleborough. Note that Edward GRAY had purchased Francis' land by 1670. </p><p><p>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p><p><p>Oct 1678 Plymouth Colony Records 5:273 "At the October 1678 Court "In answare to the petition prefered to the Court by Francis COMBE, and likewise the Court being informed that Sammuell FULLER is in a likelyhood to be procured to teach the word of God att Middleberry [Middleborough] the doe approve therof; and in case hee be obtained, and be likely to settle amongst them, doe hereby signify, that they will indeavor that the propriators of the lands within that townshipp may be healpfull towards his maintenance" (Excerpted by Combs Researcher Sharon Natoli from "The Mayflower Descendant Volume 39, January 1, 1989, Errata 25, "Samuel Fuller of Plymouth and Middleborough" by Robert S. Wakefield, page 85/86, hereinafter Samuel Fuller...) </p><p><p>19 Dec 1678. "In the Plymouth church, records under the date of 19 December 1678 we find: "Our brother, Mr Samuel FULLER being called to preach at midlebury did aske counsell of the chh, which motion they tooke into serious conseration till the next chh-meeting, which was on Jan:16 & then the chh did unanimously advise & encourage him to attend preaching to them as oft as he could, but not yet to remove his family, but waite a while to see what further encouragement God might give for his more settled attendance upon that service there"(MD12:27) </p><p><p>"On 1 June 1680 Mr. Samule FULLER was chosen to be one of the Celect Men: of Middleberry (PCR6:35) (Samuel Fuller...) </p><p><p>Notes: Samuel FULLER was the s/o Samuel FULLER, Sr. who had signed the 1611 Leyden Marriage Certificate of Digory and Sarah ALLERTON Priest. </p><p><p>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p><p>1685 The Counties of Bristol, Barnstable and Plymouth were created from Plymouth Colony. The Town of Plymouth is the county seat of Plymouth County.

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  sosa Degory Priest 1579- sosa Sarah Allerton 1588-/1633

sosa John Coombs ca 1610-/1646 sosa Sarah Priest 1615-1648/

sosa Francis Coombs 1635-1682