• Born 19 January 1848 - Fairfield, Ohio, United States
  • Deceased 19 December 1935,aged 87 years old
  • Buried - Allen County, Ohio, United States


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Lived in Denbigh from 1905 - 1907
I asked the New Year for some motto sweet,
some rule of life with which to guide my feet.
I asked and paused, He answered soft and low:
"God's will to know."

Will knowledge then suffice New Year? I cried,
And ere the question into silence died
The answer came, "Nay, but remember too
God's will to do."

Once more I asked:
"Is there no more to tell?"
And once again the answer softly fell
"Yes, this one thing all other things above
God's will to love."

died Dec 1935
Shenk-Bishop J. M. Shenk, son of Henry and Susanna Shenk, was born in Hoching Co., O., Jan. 19, 1848; died Dec. 19, 1935; aged 87 y. 11 m. At the age of 6 years his parents moved to Allen Co., O., where he died. On Dec. 24, 1868, he was married to Sister Fanny Good of Virginia, and to this union were born 10 sons and 1 daughter. Those of his family who preceded him in death are his companion, who died Oct. 11, 1917; Henry, who died in infancy; Pre. Simon, who was accidentally killed at a railroad crossing near Dupont, O.; and Abraham of Harrisonburg, Va. At the age of 26 years he was called of the Lord to preach the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ, and was accordingly ordained at the Salem congregation near Elida, O., by Bishop Geo. Brenneman. He served the Lord faithfully in this capacity and ten years later, at the age of 36 years, he was chosen of the Lord again, and ordained to the office of bishop for the Pike and Salem congregation, by Bishop Abraham Shank of Broadway, Va. In these capacities he served these and other congregations as minister for 61 years, and bishop for 51 years. His vision of the work of the Lord reached beyond the congregations he served, and he was interested in the establishment of missions and charitable institutions of the church. As long as health permitted he was a regular attendant at General Conference and state conferences. He was greatly interested in the spiritual welfare of his children, and his heart was made to rejoice that three of his sons were ordained to the ministry. He leaves 7 sons: Pre. Amos of Hammet, Ida.; Mose of Hesston, Kans.; Reuben of Elida, O.; John of Philadelphia, Pa.; Levi of Denbigh, Va.; Pre. Daniel of Sheridan, Oreg.; Jacob of La Junta, Colo.; and 1 daughter: Sister Rebecca Hertzler of Portsmouth, Va.; also 56 grandchildren and 29 great-grandchildren. He leaves 3 brothers-Bishop Andrew Shenk of Oronogo, Mo.; Pre. Daniel and Deacon Abraham of Denbigh, Va.; also 1 sister (Lydia Powell of Knoxville, Tenn.). He leaves many sons and daughters begotten in the Lord. He also leaves many friends and neighbors to whom he has endeared himself. He leaves a church with which he has labored long and hard to preserve it from liberalism and worldliness, and his works do follow him. Thus closes the life of one who contended for the faith and was faithful unto death, and has gone on to receive his crown of life. Funeral services were held Dec. 21 at the Pike Church by the home ministers: Ben B. King, Otho Shenk, Gabriel Brunk, and George Ross. The remains were laid to rest in the Pike Cemetery, beside his companion, to await the resurrection morning.

"Died on the farm Dry River. There is an old story that the door to his room developed a crack when he died.The cracked door is still at the home place , but the people that bought the farm moved the door to a little out-building."

Shenk, John M. (1848-1935)

John M. Shenk, (1848-1935) a bishop in the Ohio Mennonite Conference, was born in Hocking County, Ohio, 19 January 1848. His grandfather, Jacob Shank, was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and moved to Rockingham County, Virginia. There his eldest son Henry, father of John M., was born. Henry Shank left Harrisonburg, and married Susanna, sister of John M. Brenneman, whom they followed to Allen County, Ohio, about 1855. At the Salem Church at the age of nineteen John M. Shenk was baptized and at once took an active part in the Sunday school. At twenty-one he married Frances Good; ten of their eleven children grew to maturity. At Salem he was chosen by lot and ordained to the ministry in 1874 by George Brenneman, his bishop uncle. Ten years later he was ordained bishop by Abraham Shank of Virginia. From 1920 to 1927, when the Ohio Mennonite Conference merged with the Eastern Amish Mennonite Conference to form the Ohio and Eastern Amish Mennonite Conference, he was the only Mennonite bishop in the western half of the state. He was much interested in the missionary and charitable activities of the church. He seldom missed a meeting of General Conference or of the state conference and long worked for the union of the Amish Mennonite and Mennonite Conferences.


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  Henry Brenneman 1791-1866 Barbara Beery 1797-1838

Henry M. Shank 1817-1876 Susanna Brenneman 1818-1908

John M. Shenk 1848-1935