• Born 1 December 1720 - Damaskegård, Øster Lars
  • Baptized 1 December 1720 - Østerlars Church, Bornholm, Denmark
  • Deceased 4 April 1787 - Krogegård, Øster Lars,aged 66 years old
  • Buried 4 April 1787 - Østerlars, Bornholm, Denmark
  • Freehold Farmer (Selvejerbonde)


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On the side of Ane Henriksen Sort 1693-



Individual Note

Valborg Hansdatter was first married at 24, on February 26, 1738, to Lars Michelsen of Krogegård, Østerlars. He was to die young - at 30 years old, after less than five years of marriage. Valborg was married a second time, a year later, to Mads Andersen on January 24, 1744. Three years after that, on January 30, 1747, they received the title to Krogegård from constable Hans Michelsen of Rønne, who was a brother to Walborg's deceased first husband. The couple had already been living on the farm at the time and had two children, a son and a daughter - they would have four more, as seen from the census taken June 12, 1787.

(Note: searched the Knudsker parish register for February 26, 1738 marriage record of Lars Michelsen and Valborg Hansdatter but could not find it. Possibly they were married in Østerlars?)

Vilhelm Svendsen provides the following information in "Østerlarsker Slægter":

From the notes in the Inheritance-Protocol at the death, on February 9, 1714, of Michel Hansen you surmise - even if it was not directly mentioned - that Michel Hansen was also the owner of Krogegård.

He left behind his widow Elisabeth Ludvigsdatter, three sons and one daughter. The inheritance proceedings granted the right of ownership of the farm to the youngest son Lauritz (Lars) Michelsen - then only eight months old. The evaluation was done by an eight-man jury, however no figure was noted in the protocol; but it is mentioned that a Jacob Pedersen was present on the behalf of his wife Elisabeth Ludvigsdatter, so it is evident that she recently had married Jacob Pedersen. He would then take over the management of Krogegård - this is confirmed by the entry of his name in the Land-Registry of 1719 - furthermore, you can surmise that Jacob Pedersen had a contract to manage Krogegård for a good many years (granted by the guardian of his step-son, a Lauritz Sørensen Myre from Gudhjem), because when he bought Myregård in Olsker parish, in the mid-1720s, "he mortgaged Krogegård away for the following 10 years to the honest and respected man Michel Olsen Juhl from Aaker." This can be found noted in the Mortgage-Protocol of Bornholm's South and East parishes for the year 1726.

That interesting document states that Jacob Pedersen "mortgaged away" the farm to Michel Olsen Juhl from Mid-Lent 1727 to Mid-Lent 1737 for "200 Slettedaler", which money was paid him "readily and exactly altogether in good danish ringing coins." Furthermore, there are several clauses in the contract regarding various tracts of land which Michel Juhl could not cultivate: "namely the land, north and east of Karselyche plus a piece of grazing-land around it, also a bit of ploughed-up land around Damaske, and some grazing-land there, plus a piece of ploughed-up land in Kolte Sortt."

Michel Olsen Juhl's wife, Berithe Larsdatter, died the following year, in 1728, and the notes in the probate records correspond with the above contract. At the end of the contracting out period in Mid-Lent 1737, Lars Michelsen took back ownership of Krogegård, he was now a young man of 23 years and was married the following year to Valborg Hansdatter in Knuds Church on February 26, 1738. Lars Michelsen only lived a few years at Krogegård, as he died already in 1743, buried on October 9. Since no children were born in their marriage, Lars Michelsen's brother Constable Hans Michelsen of Rønne, inherited Krogegård - this was probably decided by an eight-man jury.

Valborg Hansdatter seems to have been allowed to stay on at the farm, and on January 24, 1744 she was married again, to Mads Andersen, a son of Anders Ipsen from the neighbouring farm Damaskegård. Three years later, on January 30, 1747, Constable Hans Michelsen gave over the ownership of Krogegård jointly to the couple. The purchase price was set at 162 Slettedaler and 2 Mark; of which Mads Andersen paid 60 Sldr. in cash and the remaining 100 Sldr. was made up from a loan that Mads Andersen's father Anders Ipsen had given in earlier times to Krogegård's owner.

From the Knudsker kirkebog:

November 29, 1737: Fredag, Desp. Laurs Mickelsen og Valborg Hansdaatter.

February 26, 1738: Onsdag, Cop. Laurs Mickelsen og Walborg Hansdaatter.

From the Østerlars kirkebog:

October 9, 1743: Funus, den 9 Oct. blef Lars Michelsen begraved.

December 30, 1743: Samme dag (Mandagen den 30 December) blefv Mads Andersen og Valborg sl. Lars Michelsens trolovede.

January 24, 1744: Fredagen den 24 Januarii blefv Mads Andersen og Valborg sl. Lars Michelsens ægteviede.

October 11, 1744: Baptis, Dom. XX p. T. blev Mads Andersens datter døbt og kaldet Karen, barnet bar Hr. Ole Togsverds kiæreste. Pigefaddere: Morten Mogensens stifdatter Helene Lisbeth. Konefaddere: Ane Isacs. Mandsfaddere: Anders Ipsen, Lars Pedersen.

May 1, 1746: Baptis, Dom. Jubilate blef Madz Andersens søn Lars døbt. Konen som bar ham vare Morten Monsens kiæreste. Faddere vare Thoer Pedersen, Hans Seiersen, min datter Johanne, Maren Hans Anders.

August 3, 1748: Baptis, Dom. 8 p. Trin. blef Mads Andersens datter Ane døbt. Konen bar hende Anders Fyhns hustru i Knudsker Sogn. Faddere vare Gedde Larsen, Hans Sejersen, Karen Thor Pedersens, min datter Lisbeth.

July 12, 1750: Baptis, Dom. 7 p. Trinit. blef Mads Andersens datter Kirsten døbt. Konen som bar hende var Anders Ibsens kone. Faddere vare Jens Pedersen, Jyrgen Mortensen. . . (difficult to read). . .

November 18, 1752: Bapt. Dom. XXV p. T. blefv Mads Andersens datter døbt og kaldet Gundel. Karen Thor Pedersens bar hende. Faddere: Morten Mogensen paa Lensgaard, Ole Henrichsen, Ane Peder Hansens i Knudsker Sogn, Ane Andersdatter.

January 31, 1756: Bapt. Dom. IV p. Epiph. blefv Mads Andersens søn døbt og kaldet Hans. Birthe Henric Andersens bar ham. Faddere: Hans Mogensen i Beckegaarden, Jørgen Mortensen Sonne, Cicel Hans Frostis, Benedicta Steenberg.

From the 1771 census of Østerlars parish:

1' Selveiergaard: Mads Andersen, Selveiere Bonde, avler Gaarden, alder: 50, 1' ægteskab, hans hustrus alder: 57, 2' ægteskab.

From the Østerlars kirkebog:

March 16, 1779: Funus, blefv Mads Andersens hustru Valborg Hansdatter begravet i hendes alder 65 aar.

Probate for Valborg Hansdatter, Thursday, March 25, 1779, page 147:

Walborg Hansdatter, 1 Slg. Østerlars.

Enkemand: Mads Andersen.

Arvinger: 2 sønner og 4 døttre.

A: Lars Madsen, myndig, hjemme.

B: Hans Madsen, myndig, her paa gaarden.

C: Karen Madsdatter, gift med Jens Hansen, 16 Slg. Østermarie.

D: Anna Madsdatter, gift med Hans Svendsen Weideman, 14 Slg. Østerlars.

E: Kirsten Madsdatter, gift med Hans Andersen, 5 Slg. Rutsker.

F: Gundel Madsdatter, 25 aar. Værge: fader. Tilsynsværge: faderbroder Henrich Andersen, 3 Vdg. Østerlars.

Regarding the productivity of Krogegård, it is noted in the Land-Protocol of 1779: "According to document No. 1678, the farm had 12 tønder Land of Rye and Barley, 20 tønder Land of Oats, the meadow named 'Kattestiært' yielding 5 loads of hay, from the Damaske-meadow 1 load of hay, and another 10 loads from elsewhere - making a total of 16 loads of hay."

Mads Andersen owned Krogegård for 40 years, until his death in 1787, when the youngest son Hans Madsen took over ownership. The heirs, all six children, agreed that their brother was to take over the farm, worth 162 Sldr. 2 Mk. and it's belongings, provided that he pay 200 Sldr. to the children of their deceased sister, plus 200 Sldr. to an unmarried sister. This money was to be left standing gathering 4% interest, together with the unmarried sister's inheritance from her mother.

From the Østerlars kirkebog:

April 4, 1787: Funus, Onsdagen den 4 April blev enkemand Mads Andersen begraven, noget over 66 aar gl.

From the probate for Mads Andersen, Thursday, June 12, 1787, page 460b:

Mads Andersen, enkemand, 1 Slg. Østerlars.

Deres arvinger: 2 sønner og 4 døttre.

A: Lars Madsen, myndig, 5 Slg. Rutsker.

B: Hans Madsen, myndig, her paa gaarden.

C: Karen Madsdatter, gift med Jens Hansen, 16 Slg. Østermarie.

D: Ana Madsdatter, gift med Hans Weideman Lom, 14 Slg. Østerlars.

E: Kirsten Madsdatter, død, var gift med Hans Andersen, 11 Slg. Østermarie: 5 døttre.

1: Ana Hansdatter, 22 aar.

2: Bodel Kirstine Hansdatter, 16 aar.

3: Walborg Magaretha Hansdatter, 15 aar.

4: Kirstine Hansdatter, 11 aar.

5: Karen Hansdatter, 9 aar. Værge: fader.

F: Gundel Madsdatter, 33 aar. Værge: Lars Madsen.

Entries in the Land-Protocols for the years 1691, 1696, 1719 and 1773 show the yields from Krogegård as valued at 9 Td. 1 Skp. 0 Fdk. 0 Alb. 2-37/130 Pt. Hartkorn (wheat), whereof a tax of 4 Rdl. 2 Mk. 12 Sk. 2-1/2 Alb. had to be paid.

In the archives of the Agriculture Ministry is the following description of the land belonging to Krogegård:

1. A main-plot close to the farm.

2. A meadow-plot south of the main-plot and a bit north of the Sunhill Mill.

3. A farm-plot close south of above lots.

4. A farm-plot close east of above lots.

5. A meadow-plot a bit northwest of Sunhill Mill.

6. A lot located in the northern part of the county between the main-lot of Krogegård and Lauegård. Of this lot, the farms of Krogegård, Lauegård and Hallegård each owned a third.

The entire area measured 63 6910/14000 Td. Land and an evaluation of the wheat was made in the Land-Protocols. In later years the following measurements of area and yield were put into the protocols:

1892: From 63 Td. Land of Wheat = 9 Td. 7 Sap. 3 Fd. 1/4 Alb.

1899: From 69 Td. Land of Wheat = 10 Td. 5 Sap. 0 Fd. 1-3/4 Alb.

1910: 69 Td. Land, with an income of 49,000 Kroner.

1922: From 37.2 Hectare of Wheat = 10 Td. 3 Skp. 3 Fd. 0 Alb. with an income of 67,000 Kroner.

1927: 37.2 Hectare with an income of 61,000 Kroner.

This database researched and compiled by Norman Lee Madsen, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Oct. 19, 2011.


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