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Welcome on my genealogy page! Please, note  that I'm not a professional genealogist. One day, while surfing on this site, I found the tree of my French grandpa's ancestry ascending to the mid sixteeenth century... Then, I searched for my French grandma's ancestors and I could easily build up the rest of my tree.

Good reading... we might be cousins...

Take care!

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Last update on 09/13/2023

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Main names : Lequeux Fournier Tram Wynn Nguyen Bonniel Bouvier & als

My e-tree time line (rather a bonsai than a tree;-)

10 days before Xmas 2017... All started in a mall in France: my unsucessful attempt to buy a postcard showing the castle where my French grandpa was born pushed me to search for his name on the Net...

Dec 25th, 2018 Xmas Day... From our haven of peace in Camargue, France... I've just found out the moment when my ancestors Lequeux & Fournier met, it was on the Feb 25th, 1429!

July 16th, 2019... I launched my RTJLWL Channel and Blog

Nov 21st, 2020... My main Web site, Now and Then, is now dedicated to genealogical topics and to my artsy works & texts.

Jan 20th,2021: Joe's Inauguration Day: locked downtown Paris, La Defence for a while!

Jun 25th, 2021: Back to Camargue, France.

Feb 11th, 2022: a log fell on my neck...

Apr 4th, 2023: longing to be next year (back to the States)

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Sully sur Loire, (droit: Creative Common)

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