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Historical genealogy was bornas a personal project, but it became something different, it aimsto make known part of history, its economic, political and socialrelationships that have in one way or another contributed to thedevelopment of civilization.

Genealogia historica nacio como un proyecto personal, pero seconvirtio en algo diferente, pretende dar a conocer parte de lahistoria, sus relaciones economica, politicas y sociales que han deun modo u otro aportado al desarrollo de la civilizacion.

La généalogie historique est née comme projet personnel, maiselle est devenue quelque chose de différent, elle vise à faireconnaître une partie de l'histoire, ses relations économiques,politiques et sociales qui ont d'une manière ou d'une autrecontribué au développement de la civilisation.


Fernando de Borbón y Borbón
Fernando de Borbón y Borbón
King of Spain

  • Born 14 October 1784 - El Escorial, , Madrid, Madrid, España
  • Deceased 29 September 1833 - Madrid, , Madrid, Madrid, España,aged 48 years old
  • King of Spain
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Individual Note

Fernando de Borbón y Borbón personality has been cathalogued as egotistical by historians. Taking into consideration his family background, It is not rare. A man from childhood conspires against his father, showing along his life a clear tendency to cowardice, hypocrisy and total lack of awareness towards others.

Middle a complex policy sitution by Spain and in fact by Iberian dinasties, Fernando is showed like a man navigating between loyalty to invasive Napoleon until the point to whishing Napoleon adopted him. The total detachment for moral and ethical, lead to Fernando VII to become a total and complete despota in his attempt to imitate his ancestor Louis XIV.

The incapacity of his father and his owm behavior carry a group of Grandees of Spain to give the Coup the Etat against Minister Godoy, who was favourite of Charles IV. It is in this point that Don Ramón Patiño y Mariño de Lobeira General Liutenant of Corps Guard and Alabarderos brings up and emerge. It is Ramon Osorio Patiño Mariño de Lobeira y Sotomayor who got a succefull coup de etat ending with corrupted government of Godoy and unuseful ruler of King Carlos IV. Later in reign of Fernando, Ramón Patiño Mariño de Lobeira, Marquiss of la Sierra, Marquiss of Castelar, Count of Güaro, Count of Belveder, Grandee of Spain would be so important piece on Constitution of Cádiz restoration.

Nevertheless,Coup de Etat is made so later because Napoleon took Spain with approval and aquiescense of King Carlos IV and Prince of Asturias Fernando VII.

In this referene mark began in New Kingdom of Granada, feed by French revolution and of course by United States independence and the failure of Don Pedro Pablo de Abarca y Bolea Habsburg plan, the revolution and independence process feed by personalities like Don Francisco Mariño y Soler, Marquiss of Santa Rosa, Count of San Juan and Grandee of Spain, Ignacio Mariño y Torres and Santiago Mariño.

In words of medicine studies, Fernando VII had a psicotic personlity which was shared not just by last Habsburg, Bourbouns and Braganzas and this was cause of fallen of them and failures of their countries in that moment.

France definitively aparts to Bourbon of its destyne, Portugal makes similar movement and even Spain had to pass by some cruel situations, at the end choose the minor evil after Franco dictatorship.

Spanish Borbon Felipe VI showed so different that his ancestors, a man respectfull of laws, constitution, ethical, moral, intelligent, good father example, honorable, humble and simple, correct in his government, and suitable for his Spain; of curse, and a lucky man to choose his Queen.

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Carlos de Borbón y Farnesio, King of Spain 1716-1788
 Maria Amalia von Sachsen, Queen of Spain 1724-1760 Felipe de Borbón y Farnesio, Duke of Parme 1720-1765 Louise Elisabeth de Bourbon Leszczyńska, Princess of France 1727-1759

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Carlos Antonio de Borbón y Sajónia, King of Spain
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María Luisa de Borbón y Borbón, Queen of Spain

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Fernando de Borbón y Borbón, King of Spain 1784-1833