Marie Yvonne

  • CAILLETÉ, married to Jean Etienne HÉLARY
  • DIRIDOLLOU 1789-1869, married to Pierre LE QUERNEC in 1809
  • FOURCHAUD 1896-1979, daughter of Marie Louis Camille and Marie Eloïse NOBLE, married to Louis Alfred GOURIVAUD in 1917
  • GESTIN 1818-1887, daughter of Jean Marie and Jeanne LE QUERNEC, married to Yves LACHATER in 1838
  • LE GUILLOUX 1772-1811, daughter of Jean and Anne TUDORET, married to Yves TASSEL in 1806
  • LE ROUX ca 1806-1859, daughter of Gabriel Marie and Marie Jeanne LE MERRER, married to François Louis SALIOU in 1829
  • PRISER 1855-1891, daughter of Jean Marie and Marguerite MESSAGER, married to Jean Pierre Marie PÉRON in 1877