• Born 2 February 1845 - Emen, Hannover
  • Deceased 2 March 1925 - St Louis, MO,aged 80 years old
  • Buried 4 March 1925 - Calvary Cemetery, St. Louis, MO
  • Grocer


 Spouses and children



On the side of Johann Hermann Albers 1800-1873



Individual Note

Occupation: Grocer
Source: Okenfuss, J.R. - Albers Family History and Genealogy - Name: Cincinnatti, OH, May 1997; - ource Medium: Manuscriptp. B-3
[1] From Johann Heinrich Albers, "Biographies of the Albers Ancestors [Untitled]," unpublished manuscript, ca 1950, translated from the German original:
"Lucie Albers
Lucie Albers was the sister of Johann Hermann Friedrich Albers. In the 1880’s, after the death of her first husband (Herr Becker of Oldenburg), she went to America. She took her two sons along with her and lived with her three brothers in Florissant. There she married again to a man by the name of Ohder. She presumably went to America because she did not know how to run a household, and needed a way out of her predicament. Of the two sons by her first marriage, only Carl is still living [as of about 1950], and he is doing quite well."

[2] 1920: Living alone on St Pierre St, Florissant; listed as alien--not a citizen (US Census)

[3] From Julia R. Okenfuss, "Albers Family History and Genealogy," Cincinnatti, OH, May 1997, p. B-3:
"Lucie Albers was born in Emen, Hannover, on 2 February 1845. She was the second child of Johann Hermann Albers, the Surveyor, and Maria Gertrudis Wewer. She married Hermann Cornelius Becker of 26 November 1867. They lived in Lingen, Hannover, and had two sons, Charles John and Ernst. According to some family tradition, they had other children who died in Germany. Hermann Cornelius Becker died in Germany sometime in the years 1880-1882. Lucie came to America shortly thereafter, a widow with her two sons, and came to Florissant, Missouri, where her three brothers lived.
There she married Edward Ohder in 1882. We have very little information about him. They had one daughter, Maria Theresa, and adopted a second daughter, Anna, from an "orphan train". Mary Theresa died when she was nineteen years old.
There is no information about Lucie ever returning to Germany for a visit. She had three children and one adopted child, five grandchildren, and fine great-grandchildren. We have incomplete information on the great-great-grandchildren. However, there are at least sixteen with eleven great-great-great-grandchildren. In her later years she lived with her son, Charles, at 3792 Lee Ave., in St. Louis, at the corner of Lee and Prarie, where she operated "Becker's Quality Groceries".
She died in St. Louis on 2 March 1925 and is buried in Calvary Cemetry, St. Louis."

Family Note

Marriage with Edward Ohder:
"On the 15th of December [1882] Eduardus Ohder and Maria Lucia Albers, vidua Becker, disposetntione abtenta superbannis, were joined in matrimony in the presence of Henrico Albers and Margaret Albers nata Meier J.A. Bauhaus, SJ". SOUR: Marriage Register, Sacred Heart Church, Florissant, MO, Vol. 1, 1867-1913, p. 25, item 8 (1882).

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 Family Tree Preview

Johann Hermann Albers 1764-1851 Anna Walburga Behnen 1767-1803  

Johann Hermann Albers 1800-1873 Maria Gertrud Wewer 1812-1873

Lucie Albers 1845-1925

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