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This Geneanet member is deceased but their Geneanet Family Tree is still available by request of their family.

 Charles Eugène, Charles-Eugene, Charles-Eugène

  • ARENBERG (d') 1633-1681, son of Philippe Charles and Marie Cleopha von HOHENZOLLERN-SIGMARINGEN, married to Marie Henriette de CUSANCE
  • BOISGELIN (de) 1726-1791, son of René-Joseph and x NN, married to Sainte de BOISGELIN de CUCÉ
  • CADIER de VEAUCE (de) 1868-1934, son of Charles and Jeanne Cornélie de WYKERSLOOT van WEERDESTEYN, married to Claire de RIBEROLLES in 1892, Gertrude BURTON
  • FOUCAULT (de) 1858-1916, son of Joseph François Édouard de FOUCAULD and Marie Elisabeth BEAUDET de MORLET
  • POURTALÈS (de) 1828-1867, son of Louis Auguste and Elisabeth de SANDOZ-ROLLIN, married to Klementine von WERDT in 1861