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 Jacques Joseph, Jacques, Joseph


  • B
    • BAUDRAIN 1764-, son of Gilles Joseph and Jeanne Joseph GUMET, married to Elisabeth Joseph QUAREZ in 1787
    • BAUDRAIN 1746-1825, son of Nicolas Joseph and Marie-Antoinette SANDRA, married to Louise Michèle HERBAUX in 1772, Marie Sainte Joseph POCHARD in 1788
    • BRUSLE (du) 1763-1831, son of Jacques Joseph and Marie Anne Joseph DORPE, married to Adélaïde DELFORTERIE in 1797
    • BRUSLE (du) 1737-1808, son of Jacques DUBRUSLE and Anne Marie SPRIET, married to Marie Anne Joseph DORPE in 1762
    • BYOUSSE †1733..1750, married to Marie Jacqueline DUQUESNOY in 1714
  • C
    • COCHETEUX, son of Jacques and Marie Catherine PONCOUPLE, married to Marie Madeleine LEFEBVRE in 1729
    • CORNIL 1758-, married to Marie Augustine HOUYOUX in 1780
  • D
    • DECROIX 1795-, son of Jacques Mathieu Joseph and Marie Joseph Louise SIMON
    • DESURMONT 1728-1793, married to Marie, Alexis COUROUBLE in 1756
    • DRION 1721-1804, son of Jacques and Marguerite BERGER
    • DUHAL 1713-, son of Jean Pierre and Isabelle WELESCOPS, with Marie Joseph Pasque LEBRUN
    • DUQUESNOY 1739-, son of Abel Joseph and Anne Marie DECOTTIGNIES, married to Anne Marie DUPONT in 1782
    • DUQUESNOY 1733-/1796, son of Blaise and Marie Thérèse SEGARD, married to Marie Anne Joseph LEBLAN in 1769
  • F
    • FEROUX †1753, married to Marie Anne BRAZIER in 1725
    • FLIPO 1751-1793, son of Théodore and Marie Catherine DELEMASURE, married to Anne Joseph HONORÉ in 1781
    • FRETEUR 1772-, son of Louis Joseph FRÉTEUR and Amélie Joseph HILLEREAU, married to Amélie Victoire Joseph DECORNE in 1803
  • H
    • HESPEL 1760-1847, son of Jean Baptiste and Marie Jeanne SANDRA, married to Constance Joseph FOUREZ in 1783
    • HOLLANDE 1755-1809, son of Jacques Joseph and Adrienne Therese CUVELIER, married to Marie-Rosalie Joseph BAUDRAIN in 1782
    • HOLLANDE ca 1723-, married to Adrienne Therese CUVELIER in 1753
  • L
    • LACQUEMANT, marriage contract with Francoise Louise Brigitte BACQUET in 1730
  • M
    • MAKEREEL, son of Jacques and Marie Catherine BOUDOUX, married to Marie Anne Scholastique Joséphine ANCHEEL in 1732
    • MASURE 1690-, son of Pierre and Antoinette DREUX(DEOREUX), married to Marie Francoise COPPEZ in 1735
    • MERCIER 1782-, with Martine Joseph BETRANCOURT
    • MORIAMÉ 1786-, son of Jean-Baptiste Joseph and Anne Joseph MIROUX, married to Marie-Reine Joseph MORIAMÉ in 1813
  • P
    • PÉTAIN 1716-1764, son of Jean Baptiste and Marie Catherine DELAHAYE, married to Rose Angélique PENET in 1748
    • PÉTAIN 1716-1790, son of Jacques Louis and Marie Joseph BILLIET, married to Marie Véronique DORLENCOURT in 1754
    • PIAT 1714-1773, with Marie Jeanne Catherine SPRIET
    • PILLION 1739-1801, with Marie Antoinette Joseph DOUCHY
  • R
    • RASSON 1752-1825, son of Pierre Jacques and Anne Marie FAUVARQUE, married to Elisabeth Joseph LAMPE in 1775
    • RAUX 1734-1811, married to Albertine Joseph POCRON in 1768
    • RUCLOUX 1758-1806, son of François Joseph and Julie Polixe Eulalie Joseph ZOUDE
  • S
    • STONDEZ 1776-, with Celestine Joseph DEPARIS
  • W