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 Marie-Barbe Joseph

  • BAUDRAIN 1762-, daughter of Alexandre Joseph and Mich©¨le Ignace Joseph LONGPR©©, married to Jean Joseph DEHOTTE in 1778
  • GUISGAND 1750-1815, daughter of Raphaël and Barbe Catherine Joseph RAUX, married to Pierre Louis THIERRY in 1779
  • LESENS 1776-, daughter of Georges Joseph and Marie-Anne Joseph DESVIGNES
  • LOBERT 1773-, married to Pierre Joseph SANDRA in 1828
  • MIROUX 1790-, daughter of Pierre Joseph and Marie-Therese Joseph QUAREZ, married to Joseph Marie WIBAUX in 1816
  • POTEAU 1806-, daughter of Louis Zéphirin Joseph and Marie-Therese Joseph BAUDRAIN