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 Jean Joseph


  • B
    • BARJOU 1878-1934, son of Henri Félix and Mathilde Marie BERNARD, married to Marie Emilie TESTARD du COSQUER in 1902
    • BASSECOURT (de) 1730-1822, son of Marie-François Procope and Marie Thérèse de CONTES
    • BAUDRAIN 1726-, son of Nicolas Francois and Marie-Catherine GUISGAND
  • C
    • CARPENTIER , son of Francois and Michele WALLEGRAT
    • CASTEL 1604-1672, son of Jean and Marguerite LEZY, married to Gillette DELEBECQUE in 1626, Gillette DELEBECQUE in 1626
    • CLEENEWERCK †1730, son of Jean and Marie Anne van DEN WALLE, married to Jeanne Thérèse KIECKEN
    • CORNIL 1809-, son of Barthélémy and Marie Françoise VANDAMME
  • D
    • sosa DEHOTTE ca 1757-, married to Marie-Barbe Joseph BAUDRAIN in 1778
    • DESTOMBES 1715-1759, son of Jean and Marie Anne de LE BECQUE, married to Marie Thérèse CASTEL in 1739
    • DOUAY 1787-, son of Alexandre Joseph and Marie-Charles Joseph POCRON
    • DUBOIS 1733-, married to Marie Augustine MOYART in 1759
    • DUMORTIER 1708-1790, son of Pierre and Marguerite Catherine HONORÉ, married to Jeanne Françoise DHALLUIN in 1742
    • DUPONCHEL 1769-, son of Laurent Joseph and Isbergue Joseph LORTHIOIRS
  • F
    • FLOURENT 1687-1756, son of Pierre FLORENT and Isabelle DELNESTE, married to Marie Marguerite FRAPPÉ in 1713
  • G
    • GUIOT 1772-1831, son of Martin GUYOT and Anne VIRION, married to Marguerite SIMONET in 1793
  • L
    • LAUNOY (de), son of Christophe and Philippe Ursule d'ESTOGUOY, married to Christine Dorothée de MORTAIGNE in 1707
    • LEFLON 1705-, married to Marie Joseph BOCQUET in 1742
    • LEPERS, with Marie Anne Thérèse BUCHET
    • LOPVET 1754-1823, son of Jean and Anne Marie DAUSSURE, married to Geneviève GERMAIN in 1786
    • LORTHIOIR 1890-1988, son of Jules Désiré and Fidéline LÉZY, married to Suzanne LOSFELD in 1924
  • M
    • MIROUX 1767-1801, son of Pierre Joseph and Marie-Joseph LOBERT, married to Julie Louise QUAREZ in 1790
    • MOUROT, with Charlotte Fanny PENET
    • MULLIER 1757-1782, son of Jérôme Joseph and Anne Marie PICAVET, with Anne Cécile SELOSSE
  • N
    • NICAULT, married to Danièle Marie Marguerite BOBINEAU in 1964
  • R
    • RENTEUX, married to Marcelline RAUX
  • S
    • SANDRA 1799-, son of Jean-Baptiste Joseph and Marie-Scholastique STOR©©
    • SELOSSE 1712-1769, son of Jean and Marguerite DES TOMBES, with Marie-Élisabeth LEURIDAN
    • SELOSSE, daughter of Jean Joseph and Marie-Élisabeth LEURIDAN
  • T
    • TOULEMONDE 1815-1877, son of Jean Baptiste Joseph and Marie Angélique Virginie Joseph FLIPO, married to Sophie Angélique Joseph van LOQUEREN in 1844
  • V
  • W
    • WATTEAU , with Marie Anne PARENT