Sosa :6,406
  • Born 20 June 1619 - Amersfoort, Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Baptized in 1630 - Netherlands
  • Deceased in 1704 - Kings, New York, USA,aged 85 years old
  • Buried - Bensonhurst, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, USA
  • Justice of the peace, Kings, New York


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8K3C-7G Flatlands, Kings, New York [nydeggen2.ged.FTW] Obtained Patent for 23 morgens Bought 200 Acres, Took Oath of Allegiance bought of a brother one-half of mill and the island on whic h it stood Possibly born in 1619, Province of Amersfoort, Utrecht, Ned erland, though that would make him 56 when he started raisi ng his second family; emigrated from Netherlands with broth er Jan and sisterAnnetje 1650 to Nieuw Amsterdam; settle d at Nieuw Amersfoort (later called Flatlands), Long Island ; patented 23 morgens of land there 29 Jan 1661 and bough t other land and half of a mill includingthe island on whi ch it stood; magistrate 1662-4; representative in the Hemps tead convention 1665; sheriff of the county 1685; justice o f the peace 1684, 1689, and 1692; subscription list for ne wchurch bell 1686; Captain of Horse 1690; Will dated 4 Se p 1704, proved 3 Aug 1705 or 26 Jul 1705. Note: One morgen equals about 2.1 acres, or less specifical ly, the amount of land a man can plow in a morning. Roelof Martense Schenck settled in Nieuw Amersfoort, afterw ards called Flatlands, on het Lange Eylandt, afterward call ed Long Island, and was prominent where he lived and one o fthe 6 or 7 wealthiest men on the Island. In 1687 his nam e appears on the list among those who took the oath of alle giance to the English Government which he subscribed betwee n the 26th and 30th ofSeptember; he married 1st at Nieuw A mersfoort in 1660 Neeltje Geretsen van Couwenhoven; marrie d 2nd 1675 Anetje Peterse Wyckoff; married 3rd 19 Nov 168 8 Catrina Cruiger; he had 10 children, one ofwhom was name d Gerret. Alt Birth: 20 Jun 1619 Amersfoort, Utrecht, Nederland

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Peter Schenk Van Nydeggen 1547-ca 1610 Johanna Van Scherpenzeel   

Martin Pietersen Schenk Van Nydeggen 1584-ca 1650 Maria Margretha Bockhurst ca 1590-ca 1675

Roelof Martensen Schenck 1619-1704