• Born 25 November 1812 - Sutton, Harrison(Braxton) County, VA(WV)
  • Deceased 4 October 1886 - Sutton, Braxton County, WV , age at death: 73 years old


 Spouses and children



Individual Note

James was married in Sutton, Nicholas (Now Braxton County), VA(WV).

More about John Davisson SUTTON Part 2.
Ref: "History of Braxton County and Central WV" by John D. Sutton 1919):

Remembering the beauty of his father
s wilderness land, John D. returned with his wife to that area in 1810 and settled on the land located at Sutton (Or Newville as it was formerly known). He gave one acre of ground for a public square, together with the streets and alleys to the town that still bears his name. Sutton, WV is the county seat of Braxton County. Also around the year 1810, John D. Sutton brought his nephew, Felix, and niece, Anna C. Sutton to live with him. These were the children of his brother James America. James and his wife Caroline had died about the year 1805. He also brought his father, John Sr., to live in Sutton. John Sr., passed away in 1825 and is buried in the Skidmore cemetary.
During the War of 1812, John D. Sutton was appointed Adjunct of a regiment at Norfolk, VA. John D. was a very deducated man. He was a slave holder and was engaged in agriculture. It is related that Cato, a colored man who belonged to John D., brought with him when he came to this county, a little poke of apple seeds, which he planted near the mouth of Granny
s Creek, about where the B&O depot now stands. From this little nursery were started the first orchards in this section of the country. Cato
s wife was named Milly. The lived in a cabin near the mouth of Granny
s Creek and had been given their freedom. They were honest and industrious people and lived to a good old age. Mrs. Naomi (Sutton) Young, a now aged lady (1919), has in her possession the old broad hoe with which Cato and Milly cultivated their truck patch and nursery. She also has a wooden box in which they kept their little valuables. Mrs. Young calls it the "Milly box".
John D. died in 1838 and is buried next to his father. Sarah lived until 1861. In 1920, John D. Sutton, son of Felix and Susan (Skidmore)Sutton, dedicated the Sutton Obelisk in honor of his great grandfather, John Sutton (1740-1825) and namesake great-uncle, John Davison Sutton (1772-1838), the town
s founder. The original Vermont marble headstones were re-set in a hollow-core cement obelisk resting on a sculpted sandstone base. The graves were bordered with a concrete retaining wall and concrete piers supporting a chain fence. The original Georgia marble footstones were reset into the retaining wall.

Continued with James Sutton
s sister, Elizabeth SUTTON.

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 Family Tree Preview

John Davison Sutton 1740-ca 1825   Catherine Frances Richardson ca 1750-1784   Thomas Darley 1760-1832   Sarah Snelling †1811
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John Davisson Sutton 1772-1838   Sarah `Sally` Darley 1785-1861
| |

James Sutton 1812-1886

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