Anne, anne


  • /
    • sosa ///, daughter of Bertrand Dalmas and Foy ///, married to Etienne Ier de GEVAUDAN.
  • A
    • AGRECH †/1783, married to Jean DELON.
    • sosa ANDRIEU ca 1673-/1736, married to pierre MOUNAL.
    • sosa AUES, married to Anthoine CAMPAGNAC.
  • B
    • sosa BAPTISTE??? †1795/, married to Jacques GINESTET.
    • sosa BASTRIE, married to Jean RIVIERE.
    • sosa BASTRIES ca 1720, daughter of Jean Naamas and Marie MAZARS, married to Etienne TOURNIER.
    • BEAUCLAIR (de), married to Jean DE VERNHES in 1642.
    • sosa BEDENE ca 1560-ca 1624, daughter of Antoine and Cécile MARUEJOULS, married to Antoine SALESSES Bedene in 1580, Antoine SALESSES Bedene in 1585.
    • sosa BES 1772-1830, married to jean SERRE.
    • sosa BES ca 1700-1755, daughter of Jean and Marie BAYOL, married to François PUECH in 1724.
    • sosa BESSIERE ca 1668-1743, married to Amans ALBOUY in 1689.
    • sosa BLANC ca 1615, daughter of Pierre and Leonce DEYMIER, married to Pierre COMBES.
    • sosa BLANQUIE, married to Jean BOUTONNET.
    • sosa BONALD (de) †1610, daughter of Jean BONALD and Françoise De PATRAS, married to Raymond de CAHUSAC in 1593.
    • sosa BORIES 1762-1846, daughter of Antoine and Anne NEGRÉ, married to Bernard ALBOUY in 1785.
    • sosa BOUSQUET †1713, daughter of Jean and Françoise ALBOUY, married to Antoine DELMAS.
    • sosa BOUSQUIER, married to Jean DELPOUX.
    • sosa BRACHET, married to Louis II de PIERRE de PIERREFORT.
    • sosa BUSCAYLET (de) ca 1565-1615/, daughter of Durand and Antoinette d'OZILIS, married to Jean II SOLANET de PERRIN in 1597, Jean II SOLANET de PERRIN.
    • sosa BYZANCE (de) 885/887-912/914, daughter of Léon VI le Sage /// and Zoé ZAUTSINA, married to Louis III l'Aveugle /// in 901.
  • C
    • sosa CABROL ca 1640-1710/, daughter of Jean and Marguerite JALADE, married to André ESPEILHAC.
    • sosa CAMPANHAC (de), married to Durand de DUMAS.
    • sosa CARBONNEL ca 1630, daughter of pierre and suzanne CHARTROU, married to david MAGE in 1654.
    • sosa CARMARAN ca 1640-/1696, married to Antoine LAPORTE.
    • sosa CASSAN ca 1575-/1643, married to Jacques ESPINASSE.
    • sosa CASSAN ca 1572-1651/, married to Antoine COUFFIN.
    • sosa CAYRE 1802-1847, daughter of Antoine and Anne PUECH, married to Jean-Baptiste RICARD in 1823.
    • sosa CHINCHOLE 1689-1733, daughter of Amans and Marie THOERY, married to Jean GOMBERT in 1716.
    • sosa CLEMENS 1652-1715/, daughter of Jean and Marie GRANIER, married to Jean HUG in 1691.
    • sosa COUFFINHAL , married to Antoine BOURTHOMIEU.
    • sosa COUSY †1615, married to "Benoit" BENAZETH.
  • D
    • sosa DALASSENE 1020-1105, daughter of Alexis DALASSENE charon and ??? DALASSENE, married to Jean COMNENE, Jean COMNENE.
    • sosa DELASSENE ca 1030-ca 1101, daughter of à suivre, married to Jean COMMENE.
    • sosa DELMAS 1675, daughter of Antoine and Anne BOUSQUET, married to Jean DELMAS in 1697.
    • sosa DELPERIE ca 1550, daughter of Jean, married to Jean MOLINIER Nègre in 1570.
    • sosa DELTEIL, daughter of Jean and Antoinette BARRIA, married to Antoine COLINET.
    • sosa DEVALS ca 1610-, daughter of Jean and Antoinette de SAUNHAC, married to Raymond TRAYNIER in 1636.
    • sosa DIENNE (de), daughter of Louis and Baranne d'ESTAING, married to Antoine de POUZOLS in 1486.
    • sosa DUCOR 1671, daughter of Jean and Marie DELCAUSSE, married to Antoine PORTAL in 1698.
  • E
    • sosa ESPINASSE ca 1645-1687/, daughter of Barthélémi and Laurence PALIS, married to Antoine MOULY.
  • F
    • sosa FRAYSSE ca 1640-/1686, married to François MALATERRE.
  • G
    • sosa GARRIC ca 1687-1767, daughter of Pierre and Jeanne ESPEILHAC, married to Pierre COMBELLES in 1712.
    • sosa GARRIGUES, daughter of Jean and Anne POURCEL, married to Guillaume REGOURD.
    • sosa GINESTET ca 1645-1710, daughter of François and Marie RATAVOULP, married to Jean REGOURD in 1668.
    • sosa GIRELS (de) ca 1605-/1657, daughter of Durand FONTANIER de GIRELS and Hélix ROTGIER, married to Jean SOLANET de PERRIN in 1630.
    • sosa GOMBERT, married to Joseph CLEDE.
    • sosa GOURDON de Lavercantiere (de) 1336-1401, daughter of Pons and Flore de CAZILLAC, married to Guillaume III de CARDAILLAC VARAYRE in 1352.
    • sosa GRANIE †/1711, married to "Crouchet REY.
    • sosa GRANIER ca 1620-1674/, married to Jean REY.
    • sosa GREGOIRE, married to Etienne VACQUIER in 1572.
    • sosa GRES ca 1650-1709/, married to Jean LAGARRIGUE.
  • H
    • sosa HUGLA ca 1560, daughter of Martin and ??? BROLHET, married to Géraud GELY.
    • sosa HUGONENC ca 1590, daughter of Pierre and Jeanne VAYSSADE, married to Jean FARRAN in 1606.
    • sosa HUGUES ca 1598-1660, daughter of Pierre and Marie MAUREL, married to Guillaume ROUMEC in 1613.
  • K
    • sosa KIEV (de) 1020..1036-ca 1082, daughter of Iaroslav le Sage and Ingigerd YNGLINGA, married to Henri Ier de FRANCE, Henri Ier de FRANCE.
  • L
    • sosa LACOMBE ca 1587-1653, daughter of Antoine, married to François ROUBOIS.
    • sosa LACOSTE †1787/, married to louis LAVIT.
    • sosa LAPORTE ca 1670-1718..1733, daughter of Antoine and Anne CARMARAN, married to Antoine LAGUIRAUDIE in 1700.
    • sosa LAURE ca 1590-1654, married to Jean BAYOL.
    • sosa LAVAL, married to pierre CARBONNEL.
  • M
    • sosa MANHARRÉ (de) 1653-1711, daughter of Guy II and Marie de BESSUEJOULS, married to Pierre BONNEMAIRE in 1677.
    • sosa MARRE ca 1645-1693, daughter of Jean and Marie MALGOUYRES, married to Antoine DALMIERES in 1660.
    • sosa MAZARS ca 1665-1702..1724, daughter of Jean and Françoise GARLINE, married to Antoine FALIPOU in 1695.
    • sosa MINHOT ou MIGNOT ca 1685-1726/, daughter of Pierre and Francoise CANITROT, married to Jean GIBERGUES in 1711.
    • sosa MOLINIER ca 1615-1674/, daughter of Jean and Marie COUFFIN, married to François TEULIER.
    • sosa MOYSSET, married to François TOURNIER.
    • sosa MURAT ca 1545, married to Barthélémi COUDERC in 1563.
  • N
    • sosa NEGRÉ 1734-1782, daughter of François and Marie ROALDES, married to Antoine BORIES in 1757.
    • sosa NEVERS (de) 1110, daughter of Guillaume II and Adelaïde ???, married to Guillaume VIII d'AUVERGNE, Guillaume VIII d'AUVERGNE.
  • O
    • sosa ORLHAC ca 1623-1713, married to ??? ALLIDIERES.
  • P
    • sosa PALIS 1703-1783, daughter of Jean and Marie DUBRUEL, married to Pierre TEULIER in 1721.
    • sosa PALMIER ca 1555-1628/, daughter of Antoine and Hélix BERTRAND, married to François BERTRAND.
    • sosa PEZET, married to Jean MURAT.
    • sosa PLANCHE ca 1635-1694, married to Jean ALRIC.
    • sosa POITIERS VALENTINOIS (de) †1351, daughter of YYYYY, married to Jean d'AUVERGNE in 1313.
    • sosa PONTHIEU (de) 1034-1082, daughter of Hugues II and Berthe d'AUMALE, married to Charles de MONTCAVREL.
    • sosa POURCEL ca 1585-1631, daughter of Jean and Catherine MALIRAT, married to Jean GARRIGUES.
    • sosa POUX, married to Guillaume MARTY.
    • sosa PUECH ca 1770-1823, daughter of Antoine and Marie BLANC, married to Antoine CAYRE in 1801.
  • R
    • sosa RABASTENS (de), daughter of Pierre Raymond III and Finamande DES PRES de MONTPEZAT, married to Jean 1er de LAFON de FÉNEYROLS in 1362.
    • sosa RAMOND 1778, daughter of Jean and Marie BAYOL, married to Antoine FALGUIERE in 1805.
    • sosa RAYET 1794-1849, daughter of Joseph and Catherine COUDERC, married to Louis MERCADIER in 1810.
    • sosa REGOURD, married to Jacques MARTY.
    • sosa REILHAN (de) ca 1659-1719, daughter of Pierre de REILHAN de la VALETTE and Claude(Anne) de LAUTREC, married to Guitard DE RODAT in 1676.
    • sosa REY 1755-1803, married to Gabriel COLINET.
    • sosa REY 1670-1739, daughter of Pierre and Francoise LANDES, married to Antoine BRUEL in 1684.
    • sosa ROZIER /1622-1678, daughter of Jean and Hélix CARRIÈ, married to Jean DIJOLS in 1639.
  • S
    • SAINT-FELIX (de), daughter of Michel and Miracle de BONAFOS, married to Anglesian de LAUZIERES.
    • sosa SAINTJOUERY?? †1688, married to Amans ALBOUY in 1658.
    • sosa SALGUES (de) †1583, daughter of Antoine and Charlotte de ROCHEFORT, married to Jean de RIEUCAU.
    • sosa SANDRAL ca 1692-1748/, daughter of Guillaume and jeanne FALGUIERES, married to Jean AUSSEL in 1716.
    • sosa SAVY ca 1675-/1722, daughter of Pierre and Marie DALMIERES, married to Jean POUGET in 1700.
    • sosa SEGURET /1616-1690, daughter of Pierre and Antoinette MACTY, married to Guillaume TREMOLIERES de la TREMOLIERE in 1634.
  • T
    • sosa TARISSE, married to Louis COUDERC.
    • sosa THOMAS ca 1638-1693, daughter of Jean and Antoinette BOSC, married to Jean SEGONDS.
  • V
    • VAISSE, married to Jean BEDENE.
    • sosa VERNHES 1748-/1801, daughter of Laurens and Jeanne AUSSEL, married to Michel CAYRE in 1769.

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