• Born about 1607
  • Deceased


 Spouses and children



Individual Note

in the census of 1640 from Smallingerland, Gerben Oenes or Gerben Jans, was named as owner or user of farm No. 30 near Boornbergum. It is the same place as the farm called Heechhiem was later built. Gerben lived on the earlier farm. He was also designated as being "papist" or Roman Catholic. In the books of Idaarderadeel of 1636 to 1661, he is recorded of having debt of 50 fl., then the debt is 100 fl, and there is still one other time debt is recorded, according to D. Vander Laan.


  • Spouse 3: www.geocities.com/Heartland/Lake/3846

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 Family Tree Preview

                         _____|4_Doede Oenes
|2_Oene Doedes ca 1578-/1632
|                      \
|                       ¯¯¯¯¯|5_? ?
|--1_Gerben Oenes ca 1607-
|3_Bets Douwedr ca 1579-1632