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When registeringinformation  from the  book into the format of EDP(electronic data processing), the following main rulefor choosing the familyname has been used:

Female individuals born before 1923 have beengiven  patronymic withthe addition of the name of the farm or place,  or  anyother name used as the family name whenever this wasknown.

(Nils Magnus JOHANSEN)(Nils Magnus MARTINSEN)

  • Born 6 June 1877 - Kråkstad, Akershus, Norway
  • Baptized 16 September 1877 - Kråkstad Parish, Kråkstad, Akershus, Norway
  • Deceased possibly in March 1956,maybe aged 78 years old
  • Tramway worker







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 Family Tree Preview

Syver JACOBSEN ca 1809 Inger Maria MONSDTR ca 1807 Ole NIELSEN Mari TOSTENSDTR

Johan Martin SYVERSEN ca 1833 Marte OLSDTR ca 1841

Nils Magnus SYVERSEN 1877-?1956