• CORNELY 1788-1858, son of Jacques CORNELY (IE) and Suzanne HACQUEBERG, married to Joséphine ou Jacqueline CHAMPOUILLON in 1817
  • DELANNOY 1831-1859, son of Henry Louis Alphonse Joseph Marie and Marie-Angélique Mac CARTAN
  • DELARUE 1705-1741/, son of Pierre and Marie (Maria) PETY(PETIT), married to Marie Jeanne Françoise GUILLEMAN in 1741
  • DIVUY , son of Jacques Joseph and Marie Louise DEMAIN
  • DREYFUS , married to Rosie KAHN
  • RICHEZ 1750-1750, son of Alexandre and Jeanne Marie Joseph GENARD
  • SINGER 1819-1884, son of David and Adèle LAN, married to Marie Joséphine Clémence MIRA in 1876