• Born 4 May 1792 - Hugeryr Torrskog (P)
  • Deceased in 1880 - Hulta Gummenäs Torrskog (P),aged 88 years old


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    Individual Note

    Berit: Maria was christened 1792 5/5 by M. Dahlgren, assistant vicar.Witnesses: Sven Olsson at Gullbrandsbyn, Nils at Hugeryr, and the wives Anna and Ingeborg, ibid. Maria was an illegitimate child. Her father was said to be Johan Hansson at Kesnacken, probably the same man her mother later married, because there is no note about Maria being illegitimate after that.Maria grew up at Hugeryr and lived between 1800-07 with her grandparents Jan Larsson and Anna Börjesdotter. She worked as a farmmaid from 1807.She married Anders Danielsson in 1829. They lived as settlers at Hulta, Gummenäs. The family was poor. After Anders' death in 1837 Maria had to depend on poor relief. Her daughters left home soon after they had had their confirmation, and Maria remained at Hulta as"inhyses" i.e. she lived in another person's house.At the same time Olaus Olsson and his family were registered as"inhyses" on the same page in the church book, which could mean that they lived in the same house. This was the situation up to 1866, when Olaus'family was registered on p217 and Maria on p-218, now together with Olaus' mother Katarina Danielsdotter, both widows and both receiving poorrelief. In 1870 Maria Johansdotter was no longer registered at Gummenäs. She is not found in the book on the deceased.Källa:Midge WatersT-bok s .170.Torrskog C:3 (1768-1832) Bild 67 / sid 126.Oäkta dotter enligt födelsebok.Fader anges vara Olof Larsson i Kesnacken.Fattighjon i Gummenäs enligt hfl 1860-65.Ej hittad i Torrskogs dödbok på detta år.

    Family Note

    Marriage with Anders Danielsson:
    Torrskog C:3 (1768-1832) Bild 147 / sid 288.


    • Birth: fb
    • Spouse 2: vb
    • Death: Midge Waters

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     Family Tree Preview

    Hans Olofsson 1735- Anna Olofsdotter 1740- Jon Larsson 1743-1809 Anna Börjesdotter 1747-

    Johan Hansson 1765-1842 Ingeborg Jonsdotter 1765-1830

    Maja Johansdotter 1792-1880