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close came across how many leaders and politicians are interrelated. Asmuch a problem of democratic times as of the intermarryingmonarchies of older history. This is my tree of 55 PrimeMinisters!

2 require adisputed paternity between an heir and a housemaid at Belton House,the Fens, strongly evidenced by John Julius Norwich. But 53 PrimeMinisters are undisputedly related!

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M CHARLES GREY 2nd Earl Grey

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  • Born 13 March 1764 - Falloden, Northumberland, England
  • Deceased 17 July 1845 - Howick Hall, Northumberland, England,aged 81 years old
  • Politician, Prime Minister 1830-4
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Charles 1st Earl Grey Grey 1729-1807 Elizabeth Countess Grey Grey 1744-1822

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CHARLES 2nd Earl Grey GREY 1764-1845