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LaFontaine - McCurley Families


  • Beaudin ca 1879-, daughter of Marguerite Couture, mother of Blanche M. Tetu.
  • Clement ca 1895-1983, daughter of Louis and Olive LeFevre, mother of Leona Charlebois.
  • Gagnon 1893-1958, daughter of Jean Archelas and Demerise Bizier.
  • Griffith 1866-, daughter of Oliver NC FL and Sarah Ann AL FL Donaldson, with Coon Thomas.
  • Hall 1826-1870, daughter of Joseph and Sarah Hinds, married to John H Buckmaster in 1842.
  • Martin 1837-1912, daughter of Josue, married to John George in 1855.
  • Nascimento ca 1927, married to Robert E Lefevre in 1946.
  • Rieger 1938-2020 Adeline SD ND
  • Sanders ca 1849-1920, daughter of Barney and Mary C. Small, with Thomas R. Allen.
  • Walker †1923, daughter of Craig WALKER, with Jacob Barker.