• Born 8 November 1745 - Gamshurst, Baden, Germany
  • Baptized - Gamshurst, Baden, Germany
  • Deceased 19 March 1795 - Gamshurst, Baden, Germany,aged 49 years old


 Spouses and children



Individual Note

!Citizen of Gamshurst. The only male child in this family to carry the Strassburger name into the next generation. His son George stayed in Gamshurst, while his second son, Ignaz moved to Grossweier, and was the ancestral father of all the Strassburger families in Grossweier, Baden.

Family Note

!With the pages of marriages for the years 1770-1785 missing, we have to approximate the year of marriage about a year prior to the first born child of the family.


  • Birth: Latter Day Saints Microfilm, Book of Baptisms, Gamshurst (1740-1845) - Microfilmed by the Church of Latter Day Saints - Written accounts of baptisms for the parish of Saint Nicholas Church in Gamshurst, Baden, written in Lartin from 1740-1785, German script (Deutscheschift) after 1786. - #0958349 p.32
  • Spouse: "Familienbuch Gamshurst mit Litzloch, Michaelbuch, Ziegelhütte und den ehemaligen Holzhof" - Johann Georg Ries - Verein für Ortsgeschichte Gamshurst e. V. 2007 - Text is written in German, and is set up very similar to the Ortsfamilienbuch Grossweier and the Vimbuch Seelbuch; and has many extra features such as the those killed in the major wars, the mayors of Gamshurst, pastors of Saint Nicholas and many indexes which are valuable in the research of families in this community. Each family is assigned a number and progresses through the generations of the family in Gamshurst. - Family #2979 p.394Note OFB: "vor 1779"
  • Death: Latter Day Saints Microfilm, Book of Deaths, Gamshurst (1740-1900) - Microfilmed by the Church of Latter Day Saints - For the years 1740 through 1785, notations written in Latin. After 1786 notations hand written in German script or Deutscheschrift. - #0958352 p.28Note Resided at house #26 in Gamshurst

  Photos and archival records

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 Family Tree Preview

Thomas Strassburger ca 1670-1727 Catharina Meyer 1686-1748 Laurence Bühler 1687-1755 Anna Eva Burst 1681-1734

Mathias Strassburger 1716-1780 Gertrud Bühler 1716-1783

Joseph Strassburger 1745-1795