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I've created this family tree of my ancestors. I am from Ecuador, with British/European (mainly Spanish/German), Native American (South American) ancestry. I have a DNA testing profile GEDmatch if you think we are recent relatives you can contact me. Here are some highlights:

Bio of my paternal ancestors by Rodolfo Pimentel  Famous Ppl Gen.

Delfina Torres 


AlonsoII Illescas

Huayna Capac Atahualpa

Alfonso XI - King of Spain - 20th gen.

Simon Bolivar

Felipe VI King of Spain 18th cousin of a parent 


Proposed Ancestry to Cleopatra VII Queen of Egypt

Queen Elizabeth II 19th cous.

King Felipe VI to Elizabeth II 

John F Kennedy

Valéry R Georges G d'ESTAING

Ramon Castro Jijon - Acting President of ECU 1963-66

Juan Jose Flores - First President of ECU 1843

Rodrigo Borga Cevallos - President of ECU

Katherine Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn

To try to find one if one if your ancestors is in this tree go: Menu (top Right)> Relationship > Calculate Relationship> Any individual in the family tree> change only link by clicking 'Shortest path' ^leave the other defaults as is > Submit

Proposed ancestry connections Adam (and Eve) 

plus paths 

Proposed connections Jesus The Messiah to Adam 

Proposed Ancestry King David of Israel Abraham

Proposed ancestry Noah  Proposed ancestry Methuselah

Geographic Map of ancestors by gen. Last names in tree Popularity of first names in tree 

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