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John Ellerton Lodge
John Ellerton Lodge
Sosa :8
  • Born November 26, 1807 - Boston, Suffolk Co., MA
  • Deceased September 11, 1862 - Nahant, Essex Co., MA,aged 54 years old
  • Ship merchant
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Linked to: Timothy Michael Dowling, 9th cousin 7x removed
John Ellerton Lodge was one of the best-known ship-merchants of Boston, engaging in commerce chiefly with China. His office was on Commercial Wharf, and his son, Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, in his very interesting book called " Early Memories," describes how he used to go down to the wharf when a boy to look at the ships as they sailed up the harbour. He also used to go over the vessels when they docked at his father's wharf, and made friends with the captains and seamen. He describes the great interest he took in the pictures, ivories, nuts, and ginger that had been brought from the East, but he was chiefly interested in the Chinese fire-crackers, which he said often he could not make " go off." Senator Lodge in his "Memories" said these ships reminded him of the following lines by Longfellow:
"I remember the black wharves and the slips, And the sea-tides tossing free, And Spanish sailors with bearded lips, And the beauty and mystery of the ships, And the magic of the Sea."
He also remembers as a boy taking great interest in the molasses-barrels, and. occasionally the boys used to run a long stick through the bung-hole of the barrels in order to fish up a little of the molasses.
In later years Senator Lodge used to drive with his father to Medford to see his father's ships building there. They included the following: " Argonaut," " Sancho Panza," " Don Quixote," " Kremlin," " Storm King," " Cossack," " Magnet," and " Longfellow."
When the war came, John Ellerton Lodge backed up the North as his son has backed up this country in the last great war.

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                        /                        \                          _____|18_sosa James Metcalfe, Rev. 1687/-
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|2_sosa Giles Lodge 1770-1852
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|--1_sosa John Ellerton Lodge 1807-1862
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|                       _____|6_sosa John Langdon 1747-1793
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|                     /                          ¯¯¯¯¯|13_sosa Abigail Harris ca 1717-
|3_sosa Abigail Harris Langdon 1776..1777-1846
                      \                                                     _____|28_sosa John Walley, Lt. Gen. 1691-
                       \                           _____|14_sosa Thomas Walley 1725-ca 1806
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