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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. We are all related! Dowling Geneastars | Facebook

L'arbre généalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!



  • A
    • Adams, daughter of Charles Francis and Margaret Stockton
    • Astley, daughter of Edwin Thomas Ted and Hazel Balbirnie
  • B
    • Berns, married to Howard Allan Stern, David Scott Simon
  • C
    • Cavolo, daughter of Matthew John Matty and Isobel Mimi Craig, married to Michael Vallenari
    • Charteris 1510-, married to Thomas Fotheringham
    • Clements, daughter of Francis Thomas and Mary Siobhan Dowling
  • D
    • Dauncy 1429-1453, with Thomas Denton
    • Douglas 1491-, daughter of George and Elizabeth Drummond, with David Home
  • E
    • Eastwood 1972, daughter of Clinton and Margaret N. Johnson, married to Kirk Fox, Stacy B. Poitras
    • Eddy 1707-, daughter of John and Elizabeth Edwards, married to Seth Crowell in 1744
  • F
    • Fauci, daughter of Anthony Stephen and Christine Grady
    • FitzEustace ca 1437-1495, daughter of Edward and Alice x, married to Gerald Ftizmaurice FitzGerald
    • FitzWilliam, with Christopher Ussher
    • Fitzgerald, daughter of Gerald and Isabel Delafield, with Gerald Aylmer
    • Fleming, with Anthony John Martin
  • G
    • Graham, daughter of David and Margaret Ogilvy, married to John Crichton in 1576
  • H
    • sosa Hamilton 1487, daughter of Alexander and Isobel Shaw, married to James Heriot
    • Hamilton †1698, married to William Paterson
    • Harbaugh, daughter of John and Ingrid A. Burke
    • Heanly, with Morrison Bryan Ashbaugh
    • Home 1515, daughter of Alexander and Katherine Stirling, married to Henry Wardlaw in 1531
    • Home ca 1480-1532, daughter of George and Mariot St. Clair, married to James Shaw
    • Hume 1503-1557, married to Walter Ogilvy in 1533
  • K
    • Keith 1532-, daughter of William and Margaret Keith, married to Alexander Abernethy in 1550
  • L
    • Livesay 1426, married to William Woodcock
  • M
    • Mayer, daughter of Gerald H. and Irene Briller, with X Nesti
  • N
    • Newman ca 1541-1601, daughter of William, with John Ussher
    • Nye, with Lawrence M. Tropf
  • R
    • Reid 1507-1561, with Edward Bruce
  • S
    • Sandilands 1513-1584, daughter of James and Marjorie Forester, married to John Cockburn
    • Scott, married to William Meikleham in 1799
    • Skene 1642-1709, daughter of John and Mary Ker, married to Alexander Swinton
    • St. Lawrence /1600, daughter of Nicholas and Mary White, married to Thomas Luttrell in 1616
    • Stillwell 1921-1991, daughter of Joseph Warren and Winifred Alison Smith, married to William Roderick Cameron
  • W
    • Walker 1750, married to John Aitken
    • Wardlaw 1624-1659, married to George Gray in 1655