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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and over four thousand GeneaStars. We are all related!

Le Dowling arbre généalogique avec les parents d'un demi-million, contient des milliers de photos et plus d'un millier GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 Ann Margaret

  • Arundel, with John Ashmore.
  • Barclay ca 1747-, daughter of Andrew and Helena Roosevelt.
  • Boggs 1812-1865, daughter of Alexander and Mary Magdalena Schaeffer, married to Thomas Delworth Axe in 1829.
  • Clarkson 1761-1824, daughter of David and Elizabeth French, with Gerrit Van Horne.
  • Courtenay 1390-, daughter of Philip and Anne Wake, married to William Peverell in 1409.
  • Dinkins 1707-1761, married to George Malone.
  • Faudel-Phillips 1913-1964, daughter of Lionel Lawson and Armyne Evelyn Gordon, married to John Vincent Sheffield.
  • Felder 1774-1851, with John Hartzog.
  • Freeman 1706-, with Daniel Clarkson.
  • Griffith 1750, daughter of Peter and Anna Eva Hutto, married to James Holland.
  • Hume 1779-1872, married to Dominick Edward Blake.
  • Loeb 1932-2011, daughter of John Langeloth and Frances Lehman, married to Edgar Miles Bronfman in 1953.
  • Mitchell 1830-1900, married to Richard Dorsey Hall.
  • Orr 1879-1955, daughter of David and Margaret Melville, with George Ferguson Brunton.
  • Schneider, with Michiel Seigfried.
  • Wargo, with Clyde William Marker.
  • x ca 1761-1813, with Johannes Emenheiser.