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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. We are all related! Dowling Geneastars | Facebook

L'arbre généalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 Arthur Edward

  • Abbott 1864, son of John Joseph Caldwell and Mary Martha Bethune, married to Marian Campbell
  • Beeman ca 1907, son of Edward Monroe and Iris Anderson
  • Cahill 1896-1974, son of Arthur Edward and Anna S. Olden, married to Anna Belle Settle in 1914
  • Cahill 1860-1939, married to Anna S. Olden in 1882
  • Chichester 1853-1925, son of William and Mary Ann Hodges, married to Mary Jane Roadnight in 1887
  • Crane 1846-1939, son of Edward Manly and Sylvina Streator, married to Ella Melissa Beardsley in 1870
  • Fitch 1920-1997, son of George and Alice Maud Tobyne, with Rose Mary Dunn
  • Gilbart 1859, son of William Hughes and Charlotte Kinloch Boddy, married to Harriet Hopton
  • Hartzog 1873-1907, son of John F. and Lodemy Brewer, with Margaret Iva Lee Warren
  • Hawkins, married to Betty Lou Goetschius
  • Hoctor 1923-1988, son of Arthur Edward and Louise Labadie, married to Patricia Lee Jones
  • Hoctor 1896-1972, son of Thomas Francis and Mary Minnie McDonald, married to Louise Labadie in 1922
  • Larger 1923-1984, son of Martin Joseph and Elizabeth Theresa Arling, with Ruth Goubeaux
  • Leonard, with Susie Anna Fudge
  • Leritz 1886-1964, son of John and Mary Theresa Becker, married to Dorothy x
  • Lowden 1896-1971, son of Hiram Lafayette and Emma Catherine Amy Clough, with Myrtle Webber
  • Moore 1893-1957, married to Pearl Agnes Felder in 1914
  • Nichols 1882-1968, son of Linus Sylvester and Annice Lucretia Phillips, married to Gladys Mae Parks in 1909
  • Osterberg 1888-1957, son of Charles Peter and Annie Elisabeth Larsen, married to Grace Victoria Johnson in 1911
  • Peterson 1904-1989, son of Clause and Nellie Nelson, married to Tressa Hill in 1929
  • Rayner ca 1898-1972, son of William and Mary Rogers, married to Margaret Jane Liddle in 1911
  • Robinson 1910-1945, son of Edward Joseph and Christina Shumway