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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. We are all related! Dowling Geneastars | Facebook

L'arbre généalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!



  • A
    • Alderman 1795-1870, son of Gad and Happy Bulkeley, married to Sarah Phelps in 1821
  • B
    • Babson, son of Stanley and Amelia Lowery Ogden
    • Bellomy, with Elizabeth Salmon
    • Bening, son of Arnett Grant and Shirley Katherine Ashley
    • Berry 1736-1795, son of William and Elizabeth Bradley, married to Elizabeth Fields in 1781
    • Bishop, son of Mark P. and Georgia C. Culver
    • Buchanan, son of Leland Frank and Eleanor Field
    • Bunch 1818-1894, son of Nathaniel and Sarah Wade Ray, with Jane Boswell
  • C
    • Crippen 1835-1909, son of Elliott Mchenry and Maria Halstead, married to Harriet C. Harris in 1866
    • Crippen 1783-1855, son of Ezra and Tabitha Crippen, married to Esther Hard in 1804
  • D
    • Dalton 1824-1905, son of Elijah and Mary Polly Grant, married to Dicey Ann Johnson
    • Dalton ca 1755-, son of David and Susanna Davis, married to Dolly Robinson in 1782
  • E
    • Evans, son of Aubrey M. and Mary Adams Doolittle
  • G
    • Gay 1794-, son of Timothy and Submit Blackman
    • Goodyear 1885-1959, son of Charles Waterhouse and Ella Portia Conger
    • Goodyear 1816-1889, son of John and Julia Bradley, married to Esther P. Kinne
  • H
    • Hawkins 1795-1879, son of Joseph and Elizabeth Winslow, married to Polly Waldo in 1821
    • Hessler, son of Kurt and Julie x
    • Houghton 1835-, son of Bradley and Lucy Adams, with Jenett Martha Johnston
    • Houghton 1801..1805-, son of Nahum and Lovisa Howe, married to Lucy Adams
    • Hungerford 1831-1921, son of Edmund and Clarissa Griffith, married to Catharine Anna Tate in 1862
  • K
    • Kelly, married to Abigail Adams Johnson in 1944
    • Kremer, son of Ronald and Kathleen Ann Newberry, with Nicci Peters
  • M
    • Medlin ca 1757-1843, with Rebecah x
  • O
    • Otis 1856, son of Kendrick and Laura H. Morgan, married to Christina Morrow in 1882
  • P
    • Parrish 1948-1965, son of Lester Neil and Vernell Harwood
  • R
    • Raines, son of Charles N. and Mary Carolyn Burrell
    • Roberts, with Rebekke Meredith von Hessert
  • S
    • Schipper, with Margaret Ann Rocheford
    • Showell, son of Wallace and Marva Parker, married to Karen Sue Stribling in 1986
    • Stone 1801-1892, son of Joel and Sarah Snow
  • T
  • W
    • Whitford 1959, son of George Van Norman and Genevieve Louise Smith, married to Jane Frances Kaczmarek in 1992, Amy Lauren Landecker in 2019