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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. We are all related! Dowling Geneastars | Facebook

L'arbre généalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 Catherine E.


  • B
    • Bailey 1819-1900, daughter of John and Lucy Palmer, married to William Richards Jeffries in 1840
    • Breed, daughter of Morris Lavern and Eva Mulvin
    • Bridges 1914-1971, daughter of Benjamin J. and Ella Yort, married to Oliver Wendell Holmes in 1936
    • Burney 1876-1908, daughter of John William and Margaret Shaw
  • C
    • Coulson, with Marc Sirinsky, Marvin John Jack Nance in 1968
    • Crockett 1907-2000, daughter of Peter W. and Catherine E. Rendle, married to James L. Dowling
  • D
    • Davis 1854-1935, daughter of Evan and Rachel Sperry Brooks
    • Driesbach 1832-1908, daughter of Peter and Hannah Zerfass, married to Lester B. Hammond in 1860
    • Duckworth ca 1842-, daughter of George Washington and Eveline Dodd
    • Duffy 1915-1988, with Louis Paul Olivere
  • F
    • Fitzsimmons 1814-1890, daughter of Christopher and Catherine Pritchard, with James Henry Hammond
  • H
    • Hatch 1896-, daughter of Lorenzo Lafayette and Annie x
  • L
    • Littell 1819-1900, daughter of Samuel Lucius Alonzo and Catherine Custer
  • M
    • Marks 1860-1918, daughter of George Edward Cecil and Mary Jane Hinton, married to John Lee Higbee in 1890
    • McAhen 1816-1894, married to Jonathan Kershner in 1836
    • McEldowney 1844-1915, daughter of Andrew and Matilda Shaffer, married to Edward W. Hilton in 1865
    • Miley 1909-, daughter of James Ernest Jacob and Mary G. Ryan
    • Miller 1831-1880, married to John Paul Barnett
    • Mitchell 1854-1911 Catherine E. Kate
  • O
    • Owens, with Andrew Aurand
  • P
    • Pursel 1863-1945 Catherine E. Kate
  • R
    • Rendle 1867-, daughter of Edward William and Charlotte Ann Peters, married to Peter W. Crockett
  • T
    • Townsend 1827-1895, with James Hall Bell
  • V
    • Vandercook 1851-1877, daughter of Robert H. and Sarah A. Stewart, married to Joshua Edgar Kent in 1870
  • W
    • Walraith, daughter of Abraham and Marge x, married to Josiah Brewster Miller in 1886
    • Washburn 1813-1871, daughter of Francis and Polly Watson, married to Ezekiel Bellows in 1835
    • Welt 1860-1930 Catherine E. Cassie
    • Willcox 1909, daughter of Frank Munson and Frances E. Mather
    • Williamson 1856, married to William Polk Dobson in 1875
    • Wolf, married to Peter Sperry in 1737
    • Wood ca 1860-, with Robert Walton Williams
  • x
    • x, with Enrico George Giannone