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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. We are all related! Dowling Geneastars | Facebook

L'arbre généalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 Charles D.


  • A
    • Adams 1896-, son of Charles Partridge and Alida Joslin
    • Ashbaugh 1841-1916, son of William and Malinda DeWeese, married to Rosanna Drennan in 1862
    • Avery 1882-1890, son of Hislop Latham and Oshe Ann White
  • B
    • Bakeman 1894-1975, son of Deforest J. and Mabel Tina Taft, with Beatrice M. x
    • Benson 1849-1912, son of Job and Mary Jane Scoby
    • Blaney 1908-1947, son of Charles Cleveland and Mary Wright
    • Burr 1856-, son of William D. and Mary Burr
  • C
    • Caldwell 1857, son of Edwin Smiley and Martha Jane Davis, married to Mary Amanda Jones in 1881
    • Campbell 1837, son of William and Julia x, married to Anna McFawn in 1864
    • Cook 1872-, married to Sarah Joslin Tucker in 1898
  • D
    • Dowling, son of Howard Edmond and Helen Louise Zuhars, with Nancy x
  • F
    • Fraser, married to Elizabeth Fish in 1885
  • H
    • Heard, with Annie M. Tullis
    • Hopkins 1873-1944, son of Silas B. and Wealthy Brown, with Elizabeth Casler
  • J
    • Justice 1878-, son of Charles L. and Harriet Eleanor Edgerton
  • L
    • Lee, married to Wynona Faye Freeman in 1977
  • M
    • Master 1831-1909, married to Lydia Conner in 1856
    • Milliman 1842-1890, son of David and Thetis Sisson
    • Murphy, son of Charles D. and Lottie Bea Dowling
    • Murphy, with Lottie Bea Dowling
  • P
    • Parker 1855..1856-, son of Lewis and Malinda Kimbrell
    • Pixley ca 1872-, son of Joseph and Martha Henry
    • Powers 1873-, son of Alonzo B. and Martha A. Harvey
    • Price, with Ophelia Frances Beebe
  • S
    • Sharp 1857-, son of Jehu Harris and Sarah Jane Lore
    • Shumaker 1895-1918, son of Henry and Trinidad Escalante
    • Sloan, with Aline Chipman Brandauer
    • Sperling 1878-1942, son of Michel and Gites Enselberg, married to Bessie Diamond
  • T
    • Tucker 1875-1932, son of George W. and Sarah Ann Doan, married to Mildred S. Johnson in 1895
  • V
    • Voorhies 1866-1905, son of William Chandler and Caroline W. Beddell, married to Ella Elizabeth Reynolds in 1888
  • W
    • Wick 1831-1863, son of Lemuel and Ann Jane Dutton, married to Annie C. Bayard