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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and over four thousand GeneaStars. We are all related!

Le Dowling arbre généalogique avec les parents d'un demi-million, contient des milliers de photos et plus d'un millier GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 Charles Edwin


  • A
    • Anderson, son of Meridan Charles and Theodora E. Gross.
    • Arthur , married to Virginia Iliff Dean in 1944.
  • B
    • Baldwin 1840-1910, son of Norman and Mary Ann Robinson, married to Mary Jane Rood in 1864.
    • Benedict 1885-1985, son of John Wayland and Mary Elizabeth Bennett, married to Velora L. Allen in 1969.
    • Boon 1827-1906, son of Harry and Hannah Andrus Truman.
    • Bradford 1926-2015, son of Charles Raymond and Sarah Vida Jones, married to Kathryn Jane Kay Cutler.
    • Bulkeley 1835-1864, son of Eliphalet Adams and Lydia Smith Morgan.
  • C
    • Cook 1816-1852/, son of Charles and Cynthia Avery, married to Eliza Tredwell in 1840.
  • D
    • Denison 1856-1923, son of John Delos and Abigail R. Love, married to Mary C. Gorton in 1878.
  • G
    • Galloway 1919-2002, son of Charles Edwin and Gertrude Hager, with Betty-Jean Wilson, Joan Crittenden Walmsley in 1957.
    • Galloway, with Gertrude Hager.
    • Good 1889-1952, son of Henry Paul and Ida May Squibb, married to Sadie Belle Milne.
    • Gooding, with Mourning Tree Allen.
  • J
    • Jenkins 1907-1907, son of Coral Deloss and Minnie Inez Norton.
    • Johnson 1845-1864, son of Willard Rhodes and Louise Marie Coates.
    • Judkins 1859-1861, son of Charles Henry and Adeline Tansey Fuller.
  • K
    • Knapp 1853-1938, son of Gabriel H. and Anna D. French, married to Wealthy H. Balote in 1875.
  • L
    • Lamb 1871-1952, son of Hiram Elijah and Mary Jane Harrison, married to Mary Jane Martin in 1904.
    • Lovett 1835-, son of Henry and Sarah Margerum, married to Margaretta Belle Madge Barnes.
  • M
    • Mantle 1883-1944, son of James David and Elisa C. Moore, married to Mary Mae Clark in 1911.
    • Marsh 1890-1967, son of Simon Peter and Henrietta Disque, with Catherine Nettie Crawford, Marie Weaver.
    • Merrill 1845-1933, son of John Edwin and Mary Elizabeth Childs.
  • P
    • Perkins 1949-2015, son of Charles Edwin and Mary Emeline Swisher.
    • Perkins 1911-1981, married to Mary Emeline Swisher in 1944.
    • Powell ca 1901-1956, married to Lillian Anne Roby in 1926.
  • R
    • Rathbun 1837-, son of James and Matilda Treffey.
  • S
    • Samson 1850-, son of George Whitefield and Elizabeth Smallwood, married to Matilda W. x in 1881.
    • Seaman 1797-1864, married to Elizabeth Smith in 1821.
    • Shaber, married to Nellie Pearl Herring in 1919.
    • Shumway 1885-, son of George Brown and Anna Deborah Hilton.
    • Stebbins 1867-, son of Sylvanus Hale and Angeline Youtsey Williams, with Mamie Stiles.
  • T
    • Thompson 1818-1853, married to Caroline Shuttleworth in 1840.
  • W
    • Westover 1863-1914, son of Oscar Fitzland and Mary Eliza Shumway.
    • Wrisley 1819-1875, son of Rufus and Abigail Nichols, married to Eunice Mary Baxter in 1841.