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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and over four thousand GeneaStars. We are all related!

Le Dowling arbre généalogique avec les parents d'un demi-million, contient des milliers de photos et plus d'un millier GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 Charles Robert


  • B
    • Bullard, with Minnie Lou Sawyer.
    • Burgess 1922-1982, son of Charles Reverdy and Emma Severson, married to Lois Jane Harstad in 1942.
  • C
    • Clouser, son of X Parr, married to Shirley Jean Applebee in 1961, Karen Denise Rohde in 1982.
    • Corlett 1923-1994, son of James Lewis and Lottie May Benton, married to Orba Lee Earhard in 1948.
  • D
    • Darwin 1809-1882, son of Robert Waring and Susannah Wedgwood, married to Emma Wedgwood in 1837.
    • DeBisschop 1885-1970, son of Charles Lodewijk and Celestine Euphrazie Julien, with Evelyn Augusta Snow.
    • Devine 1917-1990, son of James Joseph and Mary Frances Ryan, married to Louise Culver Williams in 1943.
    • Duermyer, son of Louis Leonard and Anna Jane Ashbaugh.
    • Durant 1915-1990, son of George Edward and Sarah Rupp.
  • F
    • Fisher 1919-1981, son of August Herman and Viola Belle Snyder, married to Darlene x in 1943.
  • G
    • Gill ca 1822-, son of Theophilus Anthony, with Maria Delores Ponce de León.
  • H
    • Hamilton 1846-1913, son of Charles William, father of Charles William.
  • L
    • Lewis †1932, with Anna Florence Giles.
    • Lofthouse, son of Anthony William and Sarah Orgill Housely, with Faye Wignall.
  • M
    • McClain 1712-1808, married to Lydia May Cheeseman in 1751.
    • McGinty, son of X.
    • Meloni 1927-2012, son of Charles and Mary Repetti, married to Cecile Lydia Chagnon in 1954.
  • R
    • Redford 1936 Charles Robert Robert
    • Redford 1914-1991, son of Charles Elisha and Lena Taylor, with Martha W. Hart.
    • Robertson 1853-1931, married to Anna Amelia Martin in 1876.
    • Robinette 1858-1927, son of Charles Lewis and Ann Elswick, married to Emily Jane Josephine Phillips in 1879.
  • S
    • Schlumberger 1859-1945, son of Charles and Melanie Zuber, married to Marguerite Eugenie Louisa Jacquesson.
    • Sherman 1788-1829, son of Taylor and Elizabeth Stoddard, married to Mary Hoyt in 1810.
    • Spencer 1857-1922, son of Frederick and Adelaide Horatia Elizabeth Seymour, married to Margaret Baring in 1887.
    • Stack, son of Robert Langford and Rosemarie Bowe.
    • Starkweather 1816-, son of Rodney and Jane Starkweather.
    • Staton, son of Robert Lee and Wanda Lea Stivers.
    • Stouffer 1847-1915, son of John and Nancy Ann Markley, married to Helen Moore Boggs in 1871.
  • T
    • Thatcher 1918-1995, son of Clyde Ansil and Sophronia Eliza Seeley.
  • V
    • Varner, son of Charles R. and Phyllis Jean McEldowney.
  • W
    • Watts 1941-2021 Charles Robert Charlie