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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. We are all related! Dowling Geneastars | Facebook

L'arbre généalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 Clara M.


  • A
    • Ashbaugh, daughter of Samuel Joseph and Clara Mae Scott, with Herbert Marrero
    • Austin 1856-1933, daughter of Julius Tilden and Manora L. Keith, married to Charles Dole in 1893
    • Austin †1870, married to Dwight Loomis in 1870
  • B
    • Bemis 1871-, married to Peter Wilbert Goodwill in 1886
    • Benson 1860-1941, daughter of Heman Hastings and Rosella M. Wood, married to Frank Elwyn Wing in 1877
    • Bolton ca 1848-, daughter of William and Elizabeth x
    • Brusso 1882-, married to William P. Barney in 1899
  • D
    • DeForest 1854-1865, daughter of George Lee and Susan Nelson
    • Dillon 1899-1991, married to Patrick Henry Boyle in 1919
    • Dunham, daughter of William Van Andrew and Ruth Mae White
  • F
    • Foss 1860-1862, daughter of Jonathan Tuttle and Margaret Plouff
    • Frantz 1864-1930, daughter of Samuel and Kittie x, married to Alvin R. Ashbaugh in 1890
  • G
    • Gable 1898-1974, daughter of Harrison William and Lucia Magdeline Bazer, with Walter Linwood Colquitt
  • H
    • Hart 1898-1986, daughter of James Pearl and Eliza Pettis, married to William F. Jeske in 1916
    • Hillman 1858-1928, daughter of Joseph Edward and Maria Macy, married to Frank Dalius in 1882
    • Hoobler ca 1914, daughter of George Branham and Anna Bishop
    • Hutter 1891-1953, daughter of Goodheart and Ida Mae Crandall, married to Peter Manor in 1911
  • J
    • Jansen 1886-1976, with John Lambert Determann
  • K
    • Kelsey 1898-, daughter of O. Fred and Capitola Alma Watson, with Frank H. Niemann
  • M
    • Magee 1888-, daughter of Charles Joseph and Annie A. Worth
  • O
    • O'Brien 1907, daughter of Eugene Arthur and Clara M. Osterman
    • Olsen 1885-1969, with Jorgen M. Jorgensen
    • Osterman 1883-1957, daughter of John A. and Delia Burns, married to Eugene Arthur O'Brien in 1904
  • P
    • Phelps 1856-1921, with Warren L. Hoose
    • Propp 1898-1923, daughter of George Henry and Mary D. Fischer, with Leo Nevel
  • R
    • Rathburn, daughter of Warren L. and Mary Jane Szumigala, with Herman C. Woodard
    • Reeve 1886-1958, daughter of Alvin O.
  • S
    • Schwake 1884, married to Edward D. Cochran in 1902
    • Seiders 1889-1969, married to Thomas William Still in 1908
    • Spears 1888-1973, married to Edwin Scott Dowling in 1914
  • U
    • Underwood 1891-1983, daughter of Francis Leslie and Huldah Ella Smith, married to John Pettis Billington
  • V
    • Van Matre ca 1872-, daughter of Nathan and Marilda x, married to Charles J. Allen in 1890
  • W
    • Wilson 1899-1980, daughter of Fletcher T. and Irena Boyd, married to John Jasper Monroe in 1932
  • Z
    • Zentz 1862-1933 Clara M. Carrie
  • x
    • x 1904-1989, with Edmond Joseph Steinman