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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. We are all related! Dowling Geneastars | Facebook

L'arbre généalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 Edward Everett

  • Boyd 1880-, son of George A. and Mary Katherine Barker
  • Cobb 1888-1947, son of Matthew Lacy and Dema Bond, with Margaret Moy Holley
  • Cobb, son of Edward Everett and Margaret Moy Holley
  • Darling 1839-, son of Artemus and Lorinda Taft, married to Lois Christine Waite in 1874
  • Darrow 1846-1927, son of Amirus and Emily Eddy
  • Fike 1872-1934, son of Isaac and Matilda J. Dine, married to Frances Myrle Mahan in 1923
  • French 1850-, son of Andrew Jackson and Mary Adele Judd
  • Hale 1863-1932, son of Edward Everett and Emily Baldwin Perkins
  • Hale 1822-ca 1909, son of Nathan and Sarah Preston Everett, married to Emily Baldwin Perkins in 1852
  • Herrick 1839-1910, son of Joshua and Mary Ann Green, married to Emily F. Moody in 1856, Eva Wright Merrill in 1883
  • Parsons 1884-1961, son of Richard Olin and Elsie Christina Atkinson, married to Mary Octavia Beckley in 1914
  • Partridge 1833-1920, son of Joseph and Abigail Bigelow, married to Ellizabeth Jane Kinne in 1859
  • Pattengill 1839-, son of William Pettingill and May Grover, married to Eliza Jane Hanford in 1869
  • Read 1894-1976, son of Robert Frederick and Lucy Margaret Gothiea
  • Tanner 1921-1976, son of Edward Everett and Florence Thacker, married to Louise Stickney in 1948
  • Tanner 1895-1969, son of Edward Everett and Mary Williams, married to Florence Thacker
  • Tanner 1865, son of Alonso and Sarah Desire Fisher, married to Mary Williams in 1890
  • Taylor 1856-, son of William Henry Harrison and Anna Tuthill Harrison, with Belle Bradley, Harriet x
  • Urner 1864-1923, son of Elhanon W. and Sydney x, married to Jessie Robertson in 1886
  • Venard 1868-1958, son of George Greenup and Emma Augusta Norton, married to Clara Louella Van Antwerp in 1898
  • Wise 1854-1891, son of Henry Augustus and Charlotte Brooks Everett, with Marion McAllister