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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. We are all related! Dowling Geneastars | Facebook

L'arbre généalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!



  • A
    • Allen 1688-, son of Joseph and Hannah Sabin
    • Allis 1677-1758, son of John and Mary Meakins, married to Jemima Graves in 1720
    • Avery 1771-1844, son of James and Elizabeth Allyn
  • B
    • Bellows 1671-1733, son of John and Mary Woods, married to Hester Barrett in 1692
    • Bingham 1745-1828, son of Eleazer and Miriam Phelps, married to Esther Loomis in 1766
    • Brack 1727-1801, son of George and Jean Griffin, married to Esther Doty
    • Brown 1676-1755, son of Eleazer and Dinah Spaulding, married to Abigail Chandler in 1699
  • C
    • Cady 1745-1819, son of Ebenezer and Prudence Palmer, married to Tryphena Beebe in 1766
    • Cady, son of Eleazar and Tryphena Beebe, father of Sophia
    • Cary 1779-, son of Nathaniel and Sarah Sargeant
    • Cary 1723-1806, son of Jonathan and Experience Carver, married to Mary Pratt in 1753
    • Coleman 1719, son of Eleazer and Anna Nutter, married to Thankful Lombard
    • Crossman 1717-1776/, son of Joseph and Deborah Pratt, married to Lydia Barnes in 1747
  • F
    • Fiske /1556-1613/, son of Robert and Sybilla Gold, with Elizabeth x
    • Folger ca 1648-1716, son of Peter and Mary Morrill, married to Sarah Gardner in 1671
  • G
    • Gaylord 1726-, son of Samuel and Margaret Southmayd, married to Eunice Gilbert in 1760
    • Giles 1676, son of Eleazer and Sarah More
    • Guggenheim ca 1440-, father of Akiba
  • H
    • Hathaway 1739-1803, son of John and Merabee Simmons, married to Alice Pope in 1764
    • Higgins 1759-1831, son of Enoch and Mary Atkins, married to Lurana Gross in 1785
  • K
    • Kendall 1687-1728, son of Thomas and Ruth Blodgett, married to Hannah Rowe in 1712
    • Ketcham 1767-, son of Epenetus and Elizabeth Smith
    • Kibbe 1777-1833, son of Ebenezer and Abigail Sumner, married to Timnah Williams
  • L
    • Loomis 1812-, son of Eleazar and Lucy White
    • Loomis 1778-1848, son of Jabez and Judith Swetland, married to Lucy White in 1804
  • M
    • May 1705-1783, son of John and Prudence Bridge, married to Dorothy Davis in 1735, Abigail Sumner in 1750
    • Morris 1688-1740, son of Eleazor and Annie Osborn, married to Mercy Ball in 1714
  • N
    • Newhall 1698, son of John and Rebecca Collins, married to Mary Crice in 1721
  • P
    • Packard 1784-, son of Timothy and Elizabeth Fairbanks, married to Ruth x in 1804, Lucinda Holden in 1814
    • Puffer 1684-1747, son of Mathias and Abigail Everett, married to Elizabeth Talbot in 1713
  • R
    • Ring 1655-1749, son of Andrew and Deborah Hopkins, married to Mary Shaw in 1688
    • Root 1802-1887, son of Eleazar and Lucinda Bostwick
    • Root 1764-1837, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Field, married to Lucinda Bostwick in 1793
  • T
    • Todd 1707-1771, son of Michael and Elizabeth Brown, with Thankful Heaton
  • W
    • Warner 1662-1729, son of John and Priscilla Symonds, married to Hester Taylor in 1689
    • Way 1630-1687, son of George and Sarah Purchase, married to Mary Grove in 1662
    • Wells 1686-, son of Thomas and Mary Perkins
    • Wight 1670-, son of Thomas and Mehitable Cheney
  • b
    • ben Eliud -120-, son of Elihud ben Zadok, father of Matthan ben Eleazar