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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. We are all related! Dowling Geneastars | Facebook

L'arbre généalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!



  • A
    • Ashbaugh, son of George and Elisabeth Dunn
  • B
    • Babbitt 1763-1816, son of Erasmus and Mary Marcy Bowen, with Mary Sanders
    • Babbitt 1732-1799, son of Seth and Sarah Cooper, married to Mary Marcy Bowen in 1758, Mary Burt in 1777
    • Babbitt 1685-1730, son of Edward Erasmus and Abigail Tisdale, married to Abigail Burt in 1717
    • Beach, with Sarah Sage Mills
    • Bilbrey 1876-1969, son of Chamberlain Sellers and Rebecca Fay France, with Naomi Artemia Phillips
    • Brinkley, with Mary Jane Ashbaugh
  • D
    • Darwin 1759-1799, son of Erasmus and Mary Polly Howard
    • Darwin 1731-1802, son of Robert and Elizabeth Hall, married to Mary Polly Howard in 1757, Mary Parker, Elizabeth Collier Sacheveral-Pole in 1781
    • Day 1796-1843, son of Ebenezer and Hepzibah Brown, married to Philena Mason in 1817
    • Dryden 1590-1654, son of Erasmus and Frances Wilkes, with Mary Pickering
    • Dryden 1553-1632, son of John and Elizabeth Cope, married to Frances Wilkes in 1575
  • E
    • Eddins ca 1856-, son of William Joseph and Elizabeth Whitsett Pearson
  • G
    • Gyles 1555-1614, married to Mary Vinall
  • H
    • Hartwell 1788-1878, son of Timothy and Lydia Cole, married to Anna Gale in 1815
    • Haworth 1855-1932, son of Ellwood and Matilda Folger, married to Idaho Elmer Huntsman in 1889
    • Haynes 1720..1730-/1783, son of Erasmus and Elizabeth x, married to Alice Woodhouse in 1755
    • Haynes ca 1690-/1753, son of James, with Elizabeth x
  • J
    • James 1635-1717, married to Mary Rowland
  • K
    • Keith 1792-, son of Chapin and Elizabeth Taft
    • Koford 1857-, son of Jens Henryk and Caroline Kirstine Pedersen
  • L
    • Love ca 1792-1852, son of William and Mary Crawford, with Mourning Terry Coleman
  • O
    • Orcutt ca 1815-1859, son of Erasmus, with Philena Edgerton
    • Orcutt, father of Erasmus
  • P
    • Parrish ca 1831-, son of Mark and Charlotte Brinkley
    • Paston 1499-1540, son of William and Bridget Heydon, married to Mary Wyndham in 1527
    • Phillips 1624-1697, son of Richard and Catherine Hughes, married to Catherine d'Arcy in 1660
    • Phillips ca 1623-1697, son of Richard and Frances Elizabeth Ellinor Dryden, father of Elizabeth Phillipps
  • S
    • Shoptaw 1797..1800-, son of John and Catherine A. Bell, married to Lecia Hamilton in 1819, Jane Irene McDaniel in 1829
    • Stevens 1686-1750, with Persis Bridges
  • T
    • Taylor 1715-1794, son of James and Martha Thompson, married to Jane Conway in 1749
  • W
    • Withers ca 1625-1674, son of William, with Frances Jones