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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. We are all related! Dowling Geneastars | Facebook

L'arbre généalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!



  • A
    • Ansley 1872-1952, daughter of William Boughton and Mary Halstead, married to Cyrus Angus Sly in 1893
    • Archinard 1879, daughter of Thomas, married to Joseph Prudhomme in 1900
  • B
    • Beardsley 1873-, daughter of Walter Christie Smith and Bird Redman
    • Bell, with Perry Lee Dowling
    • Bliss 1864-, daughter of Charles M. and Aurelia x, married to Frank Barton in 1898
  • C
    • Cobb 1888-1970, daughter of Selby Frank and Annie E. Keppler, married to Louis Spoerl in 1909
    • Collins 1871-1954, daughter of Thomas Benton and Lucia Amalia Seeley, married to John Manassas Caldwell in 1890
    • Cookendorfer 1882-1949, with George Thomas Hawkins
    • Crippen 1873-1954, daughter of Ernest M. and Helen E. Luce
  • D
    • DeYoung 1893-1979, daughter of Samuel A. and Esther Sonepouse, married to Simon Pelham Barr in 1915
    • Dean 1840-1906, married to Seth H. Fish in 1858
    • Dowling 1895-1896, daughter of Francis Asbury and Lydia Susannah Kelley
  • F
    • Frazee 1860..1861-, daughter of James and Sarah x
    • Friend 1858-1942, daughter of William W. and Mary Ann Ruffner
    • Fuller 1879-1898, daughter of Sanford and Mary Ann Bromley
  • H
    • Haney ca 1888-, with Lawrence J. Meyer
    • Henley 1902-1995, married to Theodore Alexander VanHolten
    • Holsapple 1877-1950, daughter of George W. and Emma Jane Smith, married to Frank Cohee in 1906
  • L
    • Lawrence 1882-1961, daughter of Martin Payne and Sarah Jane Craig, married to Harvey Lee Lochamire in 1904
    • Lyon 1852-, daughter of George W. and Sophia Richardson, married to Sylvanus Duffey
  • M
    • Mhoon 1872-/1940, daughter of John S. and Sarah J. Heaton, married to George M. Thompson
    • Myette 1862-1942, daughter of Prisse and Eadwidge Sallvaille, married to Albert Turcotte
  • N
    • Neare, with Bernard Kimble
  • P
    • Paxton 1882-1971, daughter of James Mills and Elizabeth Brown, married to William Ancel Baldwin in 1905
    • Phillips 1780-1832, daughter of George and Stilla x, married to Benjamin Davis in 1804
    • Pinney 1881-1981, daughter of Wilbur and Ida May Graham, with Henry Karrer
    • Pratt 1877-1967, daughter of Lorum Bishop and Frances Lane Theobald
  • R
    • Reed 1858-1944, daughter of Benjamin and Permelia Ellen Lyons, married to William Henry Culver in 1881
    • Roy ca 1876-, daughter of Joseph and Julia A. Castenape
  • S
    • Seabright 1890-1975, daughter of Henry F. and Ida Bell Hall
    • Shafer 1900-, daughter of Zadok Samuel and Malissa A. Poorman, with X Haywood
    • Stevens 1868-, daughter of William S. and Luella Pixley
  • W
    • Wright 1878-1958, married to Meylert Faye Van Dyke in 1902
  • Z
    • Zoborosky 1873-1956, married to John William Ulyat in 1893
  • x
    • x, married to Mattews Bentley
    • x, with Ralph F. English