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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. We are all related! Dowling Geneastars | Facebook

L'arbre généalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 Frederick Charles


  • B
    • Billings 1857-1919, son of Augustus J. and Harriet Grove, married to Rebecca Densmore in 1887
    • Bulkley 1868-1921, son of Charles Gideon and Amelia Gray, married to Nellie May Johnston in 1895
  • C
    • Clifford 1911-1997, son of Frederick Charles and Marie Felsecker, married to Ruth Marilyn Thunberg
    • Clifford 1876, married to Marie Felsecker
  • E
    • Ebbs 1896-1951, son of Frederick and Mary Ann Stacey Dow, married to Olive Miriam Hill
  • G
    • Gebhard 1825-1865, married to Catherine Davis
    • Gordon-Lennox 1904-1989, son of Charles Henry and Hilda Madeline Brassey, married to Elizabeth Grace Hudson in 1927
    • Graham 1865, son of George William and Lucy Ann Gillingham, married to Alice Stiff in 1885
  • H
    • Holfeld 1882-1947, son of Anton Hohlfeld and Anna L. Noelzel, with Anna L. Warner
    • Hope 1898-1985, son of William Henry and Avis Townes, married to Camilla Larue Gibbons in 1921
    • Hunt 1865-1944, son of Reuben and Eveline Francis Bailey, married to Flora Belle Orcutt in 1889
  • K
    • Kent 1866-1929, son of Allen A. and Mary N. Gee
    • Knox 1869-1906, son of Willard and Susan Lovercia Hardy, married to Ruth Elizabeth Collins in 1890
  • L
    • Leonard 1896-1960, son of Mark Trafton and Mary Sullivan, married to Rhoda Walton in 1942
  • M
    • Macartney 1840-, with Charlotte Elizabeth Webster
  • P
    • Pieper 1847-1916, married to Louise Elizabeth Gaukel in 1870
  • S
    • Schmelz 1888-1988, married to Pauline D. Wicks in 1923
    • Spencer, son of Frederick George and Mary Ellen Ohler, married to Marie Dorothea Graves
  • W
    • Webb 1812-, son of John William and Mary Ann Stewart, married to Emily Davis in 1844
    • Willard 1933-2020 Frederick Charles Fred
    • Willard 1901-1945, son of Frederick Williard and Elizabeth Lizzie Seitz, married to Ruth Beatrice Weinman in 1924
    • Wolters 1911-1971, married to Merlyn Romney in 1943
    • Wombwell, married to Marie Mina Boyer
    • Württemberg (von) 1652-1697, son of Eberhard and Anna Katharina of Salm-Kyrburg, married to Eleonore Juliane of Brandenburg-Ansbach in 1682