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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and over four thousand GeneaStars. We are all related!

Le Dowling arbre généalogique avec les parents d'un demi-million, contient des milliers de photos et plus d'un millier GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 George Francis


  • A
    • Avignon (D') 1915-, son of George Florida and Hazel Ellen Smith, with Doris Johnson.
  • B
    • Beldam 1903-1962, son of George Curtis and Daisy Bacon, married to Clara Gordon Bow in 1931.
    • Bissell 1827-1885, son of George and Fanny Wilson, married to Jerusha Woodbridge in 1855.
  • C
    • Child-Villiers 1910-1998, son of George Henry Robert and Cynthia Almina Constance Mary Needham, married to Patricia Kenneth Richards in 1932, Virginia Cherrill in 1937, Bianca Maria Luciana Adriana Mottironi in 1947.
    • Colley, son of John Pomeroy, father of Henry Fitzgeorge.
    • Conant 1905-1985, son of George F. and Alice Warren, married to Rose Josephine Mihniewicz in 1923.
    • Conant, son of George Francis and Rose Josephine Mihniewicz, with Elizabeth Rache Hoffpavir.
    • Connolly 1890-, with Rosemary Zella Ashbaugh.
  • D
    • Deters 1909-1980, son of Francis Joseph and Henrietta Dorothea Weinrich, with Alice Marie Schultz.
  • E
    • Eaton 1872-1949, son of Daniel Cady and Caroline Ketcham, with Julia Henrietta Hammer.
  • F
    • Forbes 1880-1956, with Eugenia Lee Hall.
  • H
    • Hickman, married to Chloe Palmer in 1916.
    • Hubbard 1834-, son of David and Jerusha Hollister, married to Helen Wright in 1859.
    • Hutchings 1843-1927, son of Josiah B. and Jeanette Barnett, with Charlotte Louisa Humber.
  • J
    • Johnson 1884-1952, son of Charles Walker and Laurinda Jane Reaves, married to Priscilla Winningham in 1904.
  • K
    • Kenney 1896-, son of George and Mary C. Lane, married to Anna Marie Thueson in 1922.
    • Knapp 1803-, son of Francis and Abigail Jarvis.
    • Knittle 1903-2003, son of Hugh William and Mary Cecilia Kleves, married to Gertrude Genevieve Connelly in 1926, Helen Mary Sonderman in 1935.
  • L
    • Lloyd 1876-1952, with Beatrice Hattie Hoff.
  • M
    • Miller 1888-, son of George and Anna Shum, married to Clara Elizabeth Scott.
    • Moody 1842-, son of Ansel and Electa Gates.
    • Moriarty 1849-1911, son of Thomas and Lorena Marshall, with Elizabeth Fulton.
  • P
    • Paxman 1863-1887, son of William and Ann Rushen Keys, married to Martha Elizabeth Evans in 1885.
    • Peacock 1873-1954, married to Jeanette Macelette Bond in 1899.
    • Pickup, with Virginia Marie Sweeney.
    • Pixley 1904-1977, son of George Francis and Rosella Maxwell.
    • Pixley 1862-1904, son of Isaac and Dillena Chessman, with Rosella Maxwell.
  • Q
    • Quinn 1918-1994, son of Leo Peter and Katherine Bridget Dolan, married to Allene Marie Chabala in 1983.
  • S
    • Schoonmaker 1856-1924, son of John Moutlon and Nancy Miller, married to Florence Amelia Ellis in 1878.
    • Seymour 1787-1870, son of Hugh Seymour Conway and Anna Horatia Waldegrave.
    • Stewart 1844, father of William Albert.
  • T
    • Temple 1919-1996, son of George Francis and Gertrude Amelia Krieger, married to Florence Bernita Vogliazzo in 1944.
    • Temple 1888-1980, son of Francis Marion and Cynthia Fell Yeager, married to Gertrude Amelia Krieger in 1910.
  • W
    • Waite 1845-, son of Morrison Remick Mott and Amelia Champlin Warner.
    • Williamson 1890-, son of Ellis Milan and Florence Nightingale Wetmur.